What should I do if I receive unsolicited messages (commercial proposals, SPAM etc...)?

Artmajeur offers a convivial space where exchanges are possible between art lovers and artists. Visitors can interact with the sellers in many ways:

  • Direct message
  • Commentary on a work
  • Notice
  • Artist follow-up
  • Add works to favourites

In the vast majority of cases, these interactions are very positive: art lovers and artists greatly appreciate the opportunity to get in touch and exchange ideas, this is one of the specificities of Artmajeur!

In very rare cases, however, visitors may act in an inappropriate manner, including sending unsolicited messages, commercial offers or insistent requests.

Who are the people who act inappropriately?

Anyone: someone who wants to promote their site or services, a former relation, or simply bored young people.

Why doesn't Artmajeur block these people before?

All unscrupulous visitors are blocked as soon as they arrive, but Artmajeur receives up to 1 million people every month, we can't predict their intentions, nor can we put a policeman behind every visitor! If visitors are reported, they are immediately investigated.

What can I do to protect myself and communicate safely?

  • Never give out your email address or personal information to the public.
  • Communicate exclusively in your Artmajeur secure interface
  • Immediately report any suspicious activity to support

How do I block a user?

To block a member who has contacted you, or who is one of your subscribers, use the block button next to their profile. The person will then not be able to follow you, contact you, or comment on your works.

I have received a request to reset my password that I didn't create, what can I do?

If someone knows your email address, they can use the password reset page and enter your email address: you will then receive a password reset email in your usual email box. If you receive a password reset request that you did not initiate, report it to support immediately and we will take the necessary action.

What measures does Artmajeur take to protect members?

Our platform is regularly audited by computer security experts in order to limit as much as possible all possible security problems. A constantly updated tracking system automatically bans the vast majority of unscrupulous users. When a report is made as a result of inappropriate behaviour, the offending user is immediately suspended for the duration of the investigation, and then his or her account may be banned.

Need help?

Friendly support staff is available to answer all your questions:

Help Center Message +33 (0)95 095 9966