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Member since May 6, 2012
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"the rightness of fit between silent film and collage, mute media that depend on splicing for effect" (Ben Lerner)

Presentation & Biography

Since more than ten years, Nelly Sanchez practises the collage. If she experiments materilas as the painting, the cardboard, the postcard, she manipulates most of the time the glazed paper of the magazines of fashion and architecture, decoration. Materials drawn from these reviews are assembled to depict a feminine, dreamlike and surrealist universe where every element has the polysemy of the Symbol. The recurring motive for its work is the red mouth.
The modest size of her collages helps the eye of the spectator to be concentrated on an one and only scene…

Her collages began to be published in Anglo-Saxon magazines such as MungBeing ( ), Sein und Werden ( ), then French as Temporel ( She illustrates occasionally Les Cahiers des Amis de Lucie Delarue-Mardrus.
In 2010, she illustrated papers of the poet and the graphic designer Terry Finch.
In 2012, she collaborated in the cover of I Am has Magical Teenage Princess de Luke Gedde, published at Chômu Press. In March of the same year, she participated in the exhibition " Women / men. Stereotypes in the work ", gallery ABB (Paris, France).
In 2013 she illustrated Bernard Baritaud La Falaise était nue,aux Editions des Deux Mains. She also proposed a model of cover for two novels of Jean Déchamps Une ombre sur l'épaule, and Le Mausolée d'Amour. From June till September of the same year, she exposed to Pézenas in the gallery Van der Meer.
In March, 2014, around ten of her collages were exhibited at La Casa della Renna, galleria of Arte Contemporanea (Mestre, Italy), the exhibition called "Quando saro più grande". From April till September, The hotel of Europe (Dieppe, France) showed her collages as part of the exhibition " The Words and Colors ".
In November appeared the Junoesq. Literary Journal # 2 (, Singapore), illustrated by some of her collages. Since June, some of her artworks are participating in the collective exhibition which circulates in Russia on the occasion of the 450th birthday of William Shakespeare's birth. This initiative was introduced by Alexandre Limarev. One of her collages, Femininity 2, helped to illustrate The Emancipation review. In December, she presented her works during the Festival of the Imagination " Fantassismik " (Rieu-Majou, Midi-Pyrénées).

At present, she's illustrating the next issue of the review Musemedusa (Canada) dedicated to the myth of Medea and theissue 11 of the review Black Scat Books.


Artno, Erro, Kasimir Malevitch


1997-2001 Docteur ès Lettres Bordeaux, France

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Certification 2020: €450.00 ($535.50)
Certification has been established by Jacques-Armand Akoun on Apr 14, 2020.


Nelly Sanchez

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Solo Expositions

2019 « Un printemps de papier », Médiathèque Ludovic Massé Céret, France

2019 Bim’Art Saint-Laurent-sur-Manoir, France

2019 Librairie Marbot Périgueux, France

2018 Le Jardin pêcheur Trélissac, France

2018 Mairie Champcevinel, France

2018 « Plumes d’Elles » Saint-Martin-de-Gurçon, France

2018 Hôtel de ville de Trélissac Trélissac, France

2017 Galerie l'App'Art Périgueux, France

2017 Le Dressing des copines Terrasson-Lavilledieu, France

2016 « Notre part de rêve » Paris, France

2016 1er festival du Carnet de voyage Carcassonne, France

Collective Expositions

2020 Feminae Brest, France

2020 château de Saussignac Bergerac, France

2020 Stillpoint art gallery Maine, United States

2020 « L’amour et la violence », Paris, France

2020 La collégiale de Ribérac Ribérac, France

2020 Les Papiérades Piège-en-Lauragais, France

2019 Sanilh’Art Notre-Dame-de-Sanilhac, France

2017 « Au 31 » Besançon, France

2017 Centre culturel de Seraing Seraing, Belgium

2017 « la gourmandise » Périgueux, France

2015 Altigone Saint-Orens de Gameville, France

2015 Théâtre de l'Epée de Bois Paris, France

2014 « Quando saro più grande » Mestre, Italy

2014 « Les Mots et les Couleurs » Dieppe, France

2013 Galerie Van der Meer Pézenas, France

2012 « Femmes/Hommes. Stéréotypes à l'œuvre » Paris, France

Permanent Collections

2020 Artothèque Trélissac, France