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Catalão GO, Brazil

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Dreamlike themes that relive sensations of scenes with retro atmosphere of decadent ambients in the tropics under 🇺🇸 cultural colonization.

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The "deja vu" and the thrill of entering an old environment. Who ever lived there and what stories happened there. "Did I ever live there?" Has time passed or does time return? The unified time of yesterday, today and tomorrow. All together at the same time. Death and transformation. Strange visions stuck in memory awaken. Memories of life, dreams or beyond? The artist builds unusual dream scenes based on his references of affective imagery memories with visual plots inspired by the past, present and future. The retro atmosphere of garages, gas stations, garbage and decadent environments in post-art deco and the post-modern era in the tropics under the American cultural colonization in art, customs and design. The occupation by the strongest. The struggle for survival. The cyclical transition from new to old. All of this creates an alternative time where things happen. An ever present time that we reach in dreams. The artist grew up and was created in this medium and uses that medium to recreate the world in which he lived through materials such as paint and automotive enamel, with strength and youth in basic, strong and striking colors that transition between the graphic language of comics and reality enlarged CG.


Luiz Zerbini


1997-2000 Bachelor in Visual Arts UFG / Goiânia, Brazil
1993-1997 Bachelor in Design UnB / Brasília, Brazil
Leandro Cunha

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