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Gerald Edward William Shepherd

Painting, Digital Arts, Photography ... 102 Followers Member since 2009
United Kingdom
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Selected Art Works 108 artworks

Idiosyncratic paintings which combine visual art with my interests in science, mathematics, music, theatre and the natural world. These works are often sequential and developmental (theme and development or theme and variations). I began working in this style in 1976 and have been exploring it ever since.

New Paintings 30 artworks

New sequential and developmental work (plus other styles).

New Digital Art 90 artworks

Digital Self Portraits 125 artworks

Photographic and digital art works based on myself, very occasionally explicit.

Mixed Media Art 12 artworks

Digital Collages 18 artworks

Tablet Art 4 artworks

Text Art 16 artworks

Keyboard Art 16 artworks

Image Writing 16 artworks

Drawings (Paul Immanuel - PI) 9 artworks

Experimental often extremely complex Drawings sometimes exhibited under the name: Paul Immanuel (or PI - 3.14159265359)

Surrealist Paintings (Wing) 30 artworks

Surrealist paintings exhibited under the name of Manfred Wing.

Anti-Art (Simple Simon) 7 artworks

Alternative paintings I have produced since 1976, usually exhibited under the name of Simple Simon.

Everything Else 15 artworks