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Free websites for artists

Create your own Online Art gallery !

Creating a beautiful and effective online art gallery will leave you more time to create and promote your art! On Artmajeur, you can sign-up and present your best works for free: You will only pay if you sell.

+110,000 contemporary artists have already chosen Artmajeur to promote and sell their art online!

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Create a professional art website !

All the power and simplicity of Artmajeur are now available to present and sell your art online, right on your own artist website or art gallery website!

Thousands of contemporary artists worldwide are using Artmajeur every day to promote and sell their artwork. They are painters, sculptors, photographers, and more, and they all used Artmajeur to create their sites.

+5,000 artists have already built their website on Artmajeur!

You will be able to send your clients directly to your art in a professional-looking website with your own colors and styles.
Your site will be available directly from your domain name (

As an artist, I need a website to present and sell my art, but...

I dont know how to build a website. I dont know where to start, and nobody can help me

You can do it yourself on Artmajeur! A very simple assistant will help you to build your website and present your art beautifully. No programming required: you can easily modify all aspects of your website using our simple forms and menus.

Give it a try! Change the site's background color    

Thousands of contemporary artists worldwide are using Artmajeur every day to promote and sell their artwork. They are painters, sculptors, photographers, and more, and they all used Artmajeur to create their sites.
Check out these beautiful websites. They have been created by artists just like you!

Roberto Fontana Member since Aug 3, 2007

Ricky Member since Nov 22, 2016

Zoé Stark Member since Jul 13, 2015

Françoise Maillet Member since Dec 15, 2016

Fan M Member since Feb 1, 2014

Guilhem Manzano Member since Dec 26, 2016

I already have a website, but it is hard to maintain. Plus, it costs me a lot and it can't even do what I want!

Websites built by Artmajeur are specifically targeted for the art market. All our websites natively include all the features you need to promote and sell your art.
Besides, Artmajeur is very affordable and fits all budgets: our PLATINUM package allows you to sell with ZERO commission. It includes all features and is provided for the lowest price in the industry!

  • Sell original art (Paintings, Sculptures, Photography, etc... )

    Accept direct payments from your clients worldwide. (Wire transfer, Bank Check, Money Order, PAYPAL etc...)
    Artmajeur helps you manage all aspects of selling your work. Keep on creating art and promoting your galleries. Let us transform your contacts into clients who buy your work!

  • Sell prints with your works

    Sell fine prints & posters :
    Increase your revenues by selling hight quality fine prints and posters: Artmajeur takes care of everything from ordering to shipping, and you receive up to 100% of the profits.

  • All great features are already included in our services!

    Fully E-commerce enabled

    Sell your originals on Artmajeur, Sell prints with your works. Accept direct payments from your clients worldwide. (Wire transfer, Bank Check, Money Order, PAYPAL etc...)

    iPhone / iPad / androids

    Make your artwork available on mobiles and tablets: Take your online portfolio everywhere with you and showcase your art like a pro!

    Watermark protection

    Protect all your images with a single click! A secure watermark will be embedded automatically within your image file.

    Get feedback!

    Participate in the art community and build connections. Publish new art regularly, write interesting articles and blogs, and comment on other artists' blogs and works of art.


    Create coupons to offer discounts to your customers. For a maximum efficiency, you can create a coupon and send a mailing to your clients and contacts for every special occasion like mother's day, valentine's day, Christmas or any special occasion!


    This section is a great promotion tool : you can build & manage your own Mailing List / Newsletter and keep several hundreds of your visitors informed. You can subscribe/unsubcribe visitors whenever you want. Visitor can also subscribe and unsubscribe themselves, everything is done automatically and you will receive a notification by email for each action.

    Facebook, Google+, Twitter, VK

    Easily share and publish your art to a targeted audience. Artmajeur is fully integrated with major social networks!


    Ongoing and Upcoming art events. Announce your events and keep your public informed


    What's new? Use this space to tell your public and followers about your current work, events, projects, ideas. Your blog is a free text page: you may as well just write about your mood or anything your like!


    On this section, you can present videos about your works.
    YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo

    Secure messaging

    Artmajeur's private message section is 100% secure. Visitors must identify themselves to contact you, and your email address is never shown to them unless you provide it to them. You can search the contact name in the "scams and alerts" section and use the localization tool to verify your contact's location.

    Get feedback!

    Guestbook, Image Comments: Receive comments and messages from visitors about your art or blog posts.

    External integration, API

    Artmajeur integrates seamlessly with major service providers and also provides an API to build external applications.
    PayPal, Google Analytics, Artmajeur API

    International, multilingual website

    Maximize your potential for getting contacts by delivering your art to a worldwide audience.

How much will it cost?

All our services are offered with No Engagement!

Artmajeur is very affordable and fits all budgets: our PLATINUM package includes all features and is provided as low as $8.25 per month! No need to spend a huge sum of money to get your website: all our services are provided as subscriptions with no obligation. You can pay monthly or yearly and you can stop your subscription at any moment.

Plans and prices

Non profit organization ? Contact us for special discounts and sponsorship programs. Contact

Will I receive visitors and contacts?

Absolutely! Our websites for artists are SEO optimized for search engines and carefully built to give you the best position on Google.
Additionally, you will get visitors browsing your art on Artmajeur's online gallery: each time you add images, we display them on the homepage of Artmajeur!

Good to know As a tool for you to optimize your online presence, Artmajeur alone will not make you rich or famous. Traffic, contacts, and sales mainly depend on your own efforts to promote your website. That is why Artmajeur empowers you with great tools to promote your work and website--like a newsletter, mailings, and advice about how to market your site.

How can I know if other artists are satisfied with your services?

We are very proud that 5,000 artists have already chosen Artmajeur to build their website.
At Artmajeur, we are very close to our members, and we focus on providing an excellent customer service. This is why 90% of our members keep renewing their subscription every year!

See what artists have to say about Artmajeur!


Merci de m'accepter sur ce site de fait main grâce à Ladyplazza d'AlM. Avec tous nos espoirs de bien travailler. bonnes continuations à tous. Bijoux Cléopatre
BIJOUX BARBARA-VOYAGE , France   5 days ago

Dany Rocher Leroi Portrait

Bonjour ... je souhaite vraiment que ce site ne devienne pas une " market place" style " le bon coin"... et que l'ART et l'ARTISANAT D ART soient prioritaires.... AUX ARTS CITOYENS !!!
Dany Rocher Leroi , France   8 days ago

Françoise Robin De Morhéry Portrait

Bonsoir, votre site est superbe , merci à vous tous
Françoise Robin De Morhéry , France   23 days ago

sineu  (sigrun neumann) Portrait

... die idee ARTMAJEUR zu gründen hilft künstler*innen in aller welt in kontakt zu kommen , sowie ihre werke der öffentlichkeit & Art-galerien bekannt zu machen ... auch gibt es wichtige internationale infos & hilfestellungen von den gründern-ARTMAJEUR... weiterhin viel erfolg ....
sineu (sigrun neumann) , Germany   24 days ago

Abdelhamid Sahraoui Portrait

voila ,je remercie tous le groupe qui travaille pour la promotion de l'art et l'artiste salutation a tous qui aime l'art et la beauté
Abdelhamid Sahraoui , Algeria   34 days ago

yanna lilian Portrait

Me sinto feliz. Por está fazendo parte dessa equipe, que leva a sério trabalhos artísticos.
yanna lilian , Brazil   34 days ago

Sapiacelli Portrait

J'adore votre site! J'y découvre plein de super artistes talentueux! C'est phénoménal toute cette créativité des 5 continents! J'adore ajouter des talents d'artistes à mes galeries! Cela me passionne.... Grâce à votre site des galeries d'art veulent m'exposer! Alors que jusqu'à présent je fonctionnais essentiellement avec des collectionneurs de mes toiles De plus j'aime "jouer le jeu" de rendre plus visible les artistes qui me touchent! MERCI ARTMAJEUR
Sapiacelli , France   34 days ago


Thanks ArtMajeur website to provide a platform that allows to show and sell our art safely with secure payment for customers through PayPal, as well as for the artists the assurance to be paid.
JL LACROIX , France   38 days ago

IZA Portrait

Merci à ARTMAJEUR de laisser connaître mes oeuvres au monde entier. J'espère qu'elles seront appréciées du public et des artistes. Ce site me permet aussi de découvrir les talents des quatre coins du monde. Encore merci.
IZA , Mauritius   47 days ago

looks-sun-moon Portrait

looks-sun-moon , Netherlands   50 days ago

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Ok, great! I want a website like this! Where do I sign?

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