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Show your art and receive comments ! 10 Images Unlimited Images -
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To protect, promote and sell your images,
Exclusive Platinum Features:


Watermark protection

Protect your images with a custom unalterable watermark. Activate or deactivate the watermark on all your image with a single click.

Original images secure archiving

Never loose an image again ! Keep all your original image files on our secure servers, you can download them at anytime.

Filing Certificate

Download timestamped certificates of deposit to prove the priority of your creations and to enforce your rights.



All features to sell online: Create purchase orders and invoices, receive your payments on PAYPAL, checks, bank transfer etc ...

Pricelist Downloads

Visitors can conveniently download and print beautiful and well presented price-lists in PDF format.


Offer special discounts to your customers with personalized codes for the holidays or any occasion.

Secure messaging

Check easily the identity of your contacts and communicate safely with customers on Artmajeur interface, without disclosing your personal information.


Your artist profile online

Make your art visible and available for new opportunities by appearing on the largest Art Marketplace!

Facebook Art Shop

Take advantage of Facebook huge audience opportunities: let users browse all your art directly from your Facebook page!

International, multilingual website

Give an international audience to your art: Artmajeur is available in several languages and hosts visitors from all countries in the world.

iPhone / iPad / androids

Make your artwork available on mobiles and tablets: Take your online portfolio everywhere with you and showcase your art like a pro!

Get feedback!

Art enthusiasts and fellow artists from around the world will be able to view and comment your artworks.


Easily keep in touch with your audience by regularly sending messages to all your subscribers.

Social networks

Images are optimized to be shared as much as possible on social networks and bring you maximum visibility!


Advertise your exhibitions, shows and events on the international agenda of art


Write articles, share your moods or your emotions in your blog and connect with your audience.


Boost your profile with videos of your work or your events. Use videos from Youtube, Dailymotion or Vimeo

Image Editor

Crop or easily reorient your images without any software: directly from your Artmajeur account!

External integration

Artmajeur includes an API to develop your own applications with the images from your account, to integrate them into other software or platforms.

Combine our services to maximize your online impact!
PLATINUM + Artist website

Our best offer is to combine the PLATINUM service and a professional art site: you get the power of Artmajeur network to give your work an international audience, and you can greet your customers on your website pro, with your own name domain! Load your images on Artmajeur, they appear instantly on your Facebook Art Shop, and your own website!

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