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Frédéric Duchesnay (beter known as Fréd) by « myself »

° When and where were you born?
Fréd: I was born in Saintes in Charentes Maritime in 1966.

° Are you form this region originally?
No I came to Nord-Pas de Calais about twenty years ago.

° What kind of cameras do you use?
Fréd: I use a Fuji fw 690 producing 6/9 negatives and a Rolleiflex T giving 6/6 negatives. These are very rustic cameras that are deprived of any kind of electronics, but that are adapted to what I do.
According to “me” “A craftsman’s noble way of approaching photography,”

° What camera would like to buy yourself?
Fréd: I think I am quite fulfilled, even if I dream of treating myself with a chamber.

° How much time do you devote to your passion?
Fréd: You do not devote time, a passion is life. A photographer is always using his “eye”. I think that I am constantly looking at things asking myself how I would shoot them.
“As far as I am concerned, it’s a weird but very beautiful way of keeping memories of those you love, and of things, of people…maybe to transcript the moment or captivate the felt emotion.”

° What do you try to convey through your pictures?
Fréd: I think I try to convey what you can feel being in front of a landscape, an atmosphere, some smells, everything that makes you feel small facing immensity!
“Are we only spectators or are we part of an endless whole?”

° What is the most important, the subject, the atmosphere conveyed, or the soundness of the right moment?
Fréd: The subject has no importance whatsoever, and I believe you can see it in my work. Only the atmosphere and the soundness of the right moment, as you say it, matter to me.

° What is the right moment in photography? Do you need to trigger it?
Fréd: Triggering the right moment while shooting a landscape is impossible. The right moment is, for me, at dawn, there are atmospheres that really speak to me. I like desert and misty moments that smell like dew. And very often it is impulsive I take a picture because I cannot but take it! Photography is then something obvious….inexplicable, spontaneous.

° What are you favourite subjects? Other people? Things? Natural spaces?
Fréd: Things and natural spaces, for sure. Other people not too much. (Is it serious “me”?)
“No Fréd, people are rarely themselves, always having to appear to protect themselves better…”

°Sun light or artificial light?
Fréd: Sun light obviously.

° Do you think you embellish reality or do you show it as it is, rough and ready?
Fréd: The evidence, in fact the subject strikes me- quiet, timelessness…also the aestheticism of some landscapes. Knowing how to put everything in its place in the picture. Actually I think that sometimes I embellish things, and some other times I feel like being more frontal and showing reality rough and ready. But it is nevertheless, undoubtedly, the subject that dictates the course of action to take.

° Your reasoning is not really away from Dylan Tho...