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Zoriana Rypan

Chicago, Illinois, United States
Artist (Photography, Digital Arts)
Born unknown date

Creating art became like a spiritual journey for her. Zoriana finds inspiration in shapes as widely different as alphabets, hand writing, cardiograms, fractals, geometric patterns, irregular shapes that can not be represented by classical geometry. Computer allows her to be free to expand the inner creativity beyond the norm and pioneer new ways of self-expression through shape and form exploration. She feels particularly influenced by metaphysical drawings of M.C. Escher, abstract paintings of J. Pollock and Joan Miro, since they pushed the boundaries and created something new. Some of her favorites are the designs of Aubrey Beardsley, Erte, G. Barbier, and C.R. Mackintosh, as well as an old Japanese paintings, calligraphy, and she feels influenced by the philosophies of Buddhism, Tao, and Zen.

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