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I already recommended this site to some of my friends.

Interview conducted on May 13, 2019

Less than a week has passed since my registration on Artmajeur, and I received a request from the buyer. He is Russian, but he lives in Italy. First, I received a call from his assistant, who asked me to reserve some of my paintings for him before his arrival in Moscow, which was scheduled for the end of the week. I put aside the artworks, he liked most of all. But I did not really hope for success. Abstract painting is not easy for perception, and besides, my paintings are quite expensive. So it usually takes some time for a person to make a purchase decision. I also found it surprising that two Russian people, an artist and a buyer, met each other on a foreign site. And finally, I saw how many good artists are represented on Artmajeur. I was prepared to invest a lot of money in advertising to be noticed among them. But this was not necessary. I just bought a platinum account to be able to post more than 10 artworks.

The buyer visited my studio yesterday and looked at a lot of artworks. In the end, he chose two paintings that I just finished. “I wouldn’t say that they are perfect for my interior,” he said, “but I feel they should be mine.” Now we are waiting for the paintings to dry so that they can be transported to Italy. Documents for the export of paintings abroad are ready.

Now I plan to develop my page on Artmajeur, because I see that this is a real chance to be noticed on the international market. I really enjoy the thoughtful and convenient functionality of the site. A platinum account allows me not to pay anything on the sale of artworks. So I can offer the best price to my customers. I also thought about selling reproductions from my paintings. At the moment I only sell originals. I have thought many times that reproductions and digital copies can also be claimed. But I did not know where to start. Artmajeur offers a turnkey solution. All I need is to download the file and put the price. I think in total it will take less than one minute.

I already recommended this site to some of my friends. Together with Artmajeur, I feel as if I have a personal art manager who has taken all the efforts to promote and sell my paintings. Now I can fully concentrate on creativity.

~ Olga Shagina

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They sold on Artmajeur: Olga Shagina

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