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Dora Stork

Budapest, Hungary
Artist (Painting, Digital Arts)
Born 1961
I consider myself as an abstract realist encaustic artist: abstract in the world of color, realist in the world of form, symbolist in meaning.

I declare myself as a politically-minded painter being interested in public life and social and economic processes. I present my particular vision in those works. I take a deeply personal approach. The dreamlike compositions are my intuitive reflections on public issues. At the same time, seemingly astonishing, strange circumstances, and inappropriate details on a rational sphere might evoke questions in the viewer. This attitude of mine which acknowledges the importance of comprehending and sensing motivates me even in case of my works about architecture and nature. I show the details instead of the whole, sort of inviting the viewer to embrace and understand their surroundings.

I’m an active member of local art communities, such as OKIT (Országos Képző- és Iparművészeti Társaság -National Society of Fine and Applied Art) or UMT (Újpesti Művészek Társasága – Újpest Artist Society), so you can meet me regularly on their exhibitions a couple of times every year.

More information on my website:

dorastork. com

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