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Ibrahim Unal

KAYSERİ, Türkiye
Sanatçı (Resim, Tablo)
bilinmeyen tarih doğumlu

Self-taught artist.
After graduating from the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, I worked in banking for many years. I continued to be interested in painting and drawing throughout my professional life, but I did not have the opportunity and time to do it.

I started oil painting by myself in 2014. I was a good observer. The art of painting taught me to look at and see everything as light and color. For the eyes that see, the world is an endless source of inspiration. Each painting made or to be made is a different interpretation of life and its contents and is valuable.

It makes me happy that my work is appreciated and appreciated. It is an indescribable feeling to be bought by someone and exhibited in a home at the other end of the world.

Because being an artist means loneliness, mental and physical fatigue, being excluded from time to time, not being noticed, not being understood.Art is also the common language of humanity. The artist adds something from his soul, body and thoughts to his work. The artist touches an empty, rough, shapeless material like a magician and blows something from his soul. Art sometimes entertains and pampers the artist.

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