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197 Satılık Orijinal Çağdaş Heykeller | Sokak Sanatı Sokak Sanatı tarzı nasıl tanımlanır? Street Art is visual art produced in public spaces for viewing by the general public and is intended to spread a social and political[...]

197 Satılık Orijinal Çağdaş Heykeller | Sokak Sanatı

Sokak Sanatı tarzı nasıl tanımlanır?

Street Art is visual art produced in public spaces for viewing by the general public and is intended to spread a social and political statement. It has been referred to as "guerrilla art," "post-graffiti," "neo-graffiti," and "independent art." Street art is seen as the zenith of democratic art because it can be viewed by anybody and is not owned. Artists have introduced this unusual and democratic work into institutions and galleries throughout the past few decades, garnering recognition on a global scale and popularity in the "traditional" art world. The city and its residents have an impact on street artists' environment and sources of inspiration. Their main themes frequently examine ideas of popular culture, ads, cartoons, and urban settings. Street art is full of inventiveness and constantly looking for new techniques, supports, and materials, from the abstract to the figurative. 

The fundamental idea behind street art is that everyone should have the opportunity to create art and have it seen by others, regardless of their race, age, gender, economic status, or other characteristics. It also believes that art should be accessible rather than hidden away inside galleries, museums, and private collections. Even though some street artists may make sculptures or installations, they are more well recognized for using uncommon art materials like wheat paste, spray paint, stencils, and stickers.

The most well-known artists of today developed their reputations on the streets. Graffiti artists like Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat, whose works were found on public walls as well as in galleries and museums, had a big impact on later generations of artists, particularly Banksy and Fairey. Street art has historically had a tense relationship with the art world as a whole due to its roots in illegal activity and distinctive interest in subversion, political, and social action.

Street Art sculpture

In sculpture, Street Art is a movement and a form of artistic expression characteristic of the late twentieth century, early twenty-first. Many sculptors have marked the history of this movement through his handling of volumes: this is particularly the case of Mark Jenkins and his hooded figures, but also of Isaac Cordal and his miniatures characters very critical of our social development, or the Gregos parisian with his persons making faces. Around the world, Street art sculpture continues to be a popular category of art and many of its creators have achieved renown and mainstream success.

Street Art Sculptors

Mark Jenkins (born 1970)

American artist Mark Jenkins creates sculptural street installations. Jenkins uses the "street as a theater" in his street art, allowing his sculptures to interact with the environment. With his hyperrealistic sculptures that he places in the streets across Europe and the United States, Mark Jenkins explores how people see the world. The staging is often uncomfortable and the faces of the people are frequently obscured. Since he wraps live figures in plastic films and tape, his technique is likewise hidden. The "cast" is then cut out, put back together without the figure, dressed, and given realistic features like hands and hair.

Gregos (born 1972)

French street artist Gregos began displaying his face on the buildings in Paris. He creates a reproduction of his face with his tongue out or smiling that he paints and adheres to the walls of Paris using his own 3D concept, which he designed utilizing all the techniques he had learned and refined over the years. Each face serves as a kind of self-portrait for the day, expressing the humor of the wearer and his past, present, and future.

The street art concept by Gregos is effective at encouraging conversation between the faces and among spectators. More than 500 faces have been installed so far, largely in Paris but also in other French cities and cities across the globe, including Europe, the United States, Japan, and South America.

Isaac Cordal (born 1974)

Isaac Cordal is a Spanish Galician artist who specializes in miniature art. His creations feature miniature animals built of cement, which is often thought of as the mark of civilization, and are positioned in unexpected places like gutters and puddles. Due to its small size (about 15 cm), finding them requires careful attention. They are frequently depicted in ordinary activities, and the setting choice can introduce new dimensions to the action. They typically highlight how ludicrous our current world is. The artist uses the sculptures as a metaphor to analyze politics, bureaucracy, and power.

Christiaan Nagel (born 1982)

Christiaan Nagel is a British street artist known for his oversized mushroom sculptures made from polyurethane which he places high up on buildings. They reach as far as Los Angeles, Cape Town, Berlin, Barcelona, London, New York, and Cape Town. These polyurethane mushrooms come in various sizes and individual samples or flocks. The artist claims that although mushrooms naturally develop, they require ideal weather and environmental circumstances, such as original artistic and scientific concepts.

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Artmajeur, dünyanın her yerindeki sanatçılar için basit, güvenli ve karlı bir çevrimiçi pazar yeri yaratma misyonuyla 10 milyondan fazla ziyaretçiyle dünyanın ilk küresel sanal sanat galerisini yarattı. Artmajeur, gelişmekte olan ve yerleşik uluslararası sanatçıların orijinal sanat eserlerinde size özel fiyatlar sunar ve dünya çapında 24 ila 48 saat arasında ücretsiz olarak kapınıza kadar gönderilir. Mükemmel hediyeler oluşturacak veya duvarlarınızı şık bir şekilde süsleyecek orijinal sanat eserleri ve yüksek kaliteli baskılardan oluşan seçkimizin keyfini çıkarın!

Dünyanın dört bir yanından +2 milyon eserle Çevrimiçi Sanat Galeriniz Artmajeur'deki koleksiyonlarımıza göz atın.

En uygun | En yeni

"ESCAPE (big size 1/…" başlıklı Heykel Andrea Giorgi tarafından, Orijinal sanat, Plastik
ESCAPE (big size 1/1) - Heykel, 29,9x14,2x9,1 in ©2023 Andrea Giorgi tarafından - Street Art, street-art-624, Soyut sanat, man, contemporary art, figurative sculpture, escape
"ESCAPE (big size 1/1)"

Heykel - Plastik | 29,9x14,2x9,1 in

"Camiseta rosa" başlıklı Heykel Chigre tarafından, Orijinal sanat, Seramik
Camiseta rosa - Heykel, 17,7x9,8x0,8 in ©2023 Chigre tarafından - Street Art, street-art-624, Aşk
"Camiseta rosa"

Heykel - Seramik | 17,7x9,8x0,8 in

"4/151" başlıklı Heykel Federico Bielli tarafından, Orijinal sanat, Çimento
4/151 - Heykel, 17,7x5,9x5,9 in ©2022 Federico Bielli tarafından - Street Art, street-art-624, Aşk

Heykel - Çimento | 17,7x5,9x5,9 in

"PyB Acrobats 3 Hari…" başlıklı Heykel Pyb tarafından, Orijinal sanat, Rezine
PyB Acrobats 3 Haring , 2023 Sculpture originale - Heykel, 10,2x9,8x2,4 in ©2023 Pyb tarafından - Street Art, street-art-624
"PyB Acrobats 3 Haring , 2023 Sculpture originale"

Heykel - Rezine | 10,2x9,8x2,4 in

"Splash It Purple" başlıklı Heykel 2fast tarafından, Orijinal sanat, Rezine Diğer sert panel üzerine monte edilmiş
Splash It Purple - Heykel, 15,8x3,9x11,8 in ©2023 2fast tarafından - Street Art, street-art-624, pop art, street art, graffiti, art, sculpture
"Splash It Purple"

Heykel - Rezine | 15,8x3,9x11,8 in

"Brush Green White" başlıklı Heykel Santicri tarafından, Orijinal sanat, Rezine Diğer sert panel üzerine monte edilmiş
Brush Green White - Heykel, 15,8x2,8x1,2 in ©2023 Santicri tarafından - Street Art, street-art-624, Grafiti, pop art, street art, studio tangerine, sculpture, art
"Brush Green White"

Heykel - Rezine | 15,8x2,8x1,2 in

"Садовая скульптура…" başlıklı Heykel Oleg Turkovskiy tarafından, Orijinal sanat, Beton
Садовая скульптура «Императорский лев». Фигура из бетона. - Heykel, 47,2x35,4x20,9 in ©2023 Oleg Turkovskiy tarafından - Street Art, street-art-624, Hayvan, tiger, concrete sculpture, sculpture made of concrete, tiger figure, garden figure, concrete figure, фигура из бетона, бетонная фигура, тигр из бетона, тигр, декор сада, ландшафт, landscape, for garden and home, статуя, statue, статуя льва, lion statue
"Садовая скульптура «Императорский лев». Фигура из бетона."

Heykel - Beton | 47,2x35,4x20,9 in

"ATOMIKA in Peace&Lo…" başlıklı Heykel Giuseppe Valia tarafından, Orijinal sanat, Hava fırçası
ATOMIKA in Peace&Love - Heykel, 7,9x3,5x3,2 in ©2023 Giuseppe Valia tarafından - Street Art, street-art-624, Aşk, STREET ART, PEACE & LOVE, 70's, ATOMIC BOMB, NUCLEAR, GIUSEPPE VALIA, giuppy, graffiti
"ATOMIKA in Peace&Love"

Heykel - Hava fırçası | 7,9x3,5x3,2 in

"Crash Paint" başlıklı Heykel Peaky tarafından, Orijinal sanat, Rezine Ahşap Sedye çerçevesi üzerine monte edilmiş
Crash Paint - Heykel, 11,4x7,9x0,8 in ©2022 Peaky tarafından - Street Art, street-art-624, pop art, street art, studio tangerine, peaky
"Crash Paint"

Heykel - Rezine | 11,4x7,9x0,8 in

"Caps n°13" başlıklı Heykel Saname tarafından, Orijinal sanat, Rezine
Caps n°13 - Heykel, 7,1x7,1x1,8 in ©2022 Saname tarafından - Street Art, street-art-624, Kentsel
"Caps n°13"

Heykel - Rezine | 7,1x7,1x1,8 in

"Countdown Blahblahb…" başlıklı Heykel Sagrasse tarafından, Orijinal sanat, Rezine
Countdown Blahblahblah - Heykel, 9,8x7,9x7,9 in ©2023 Sagrasse tarafından - Street Art, street-art-624, Geometrik, pop art, street, street art, studio tangerine, sculpture, black
"Countdown Blahblahblah"

Heykel - Rezine | 9,8x7,9x7,9 in

"Street Art Graffiti…" başlıklı Heykel Nathan Makris tarafından, Orijinal sanat, Rezine
Street Art Graffiti Duck - Heykel, 16,1x17,3x11,8 in ©2022 Nathan Makris tarafından - Street Art, street-art-624, Grafiti, sculpture, animal, canard, graffiti, street art
"Street Art Graffiti Duck"

Heykel - Rezine | 16,1x17,3x11,8 in

"Symphonie 2 Violons" başlıklı Heykel Shelby tarafından, Orijinal sanat, Alüminyum Ahşap Sedye çerçevesi üzerine monte edilm…
Symphonie 2 Violons - Heykel, 39,4x39,4x1,2 in ©2023 Shelby tarafından - Street Art, street-art-624
"Symphonie 2 Violons"

Heykel - Alüminyum | 39,4x39,4x1,2 in

"ArtPuzzle Piece #009" başlıklı Heykel Artcadebites tarafından, Orijinal sanat, Rezine
ArtPuzzle Piece #009 - Heykel, 12,6x19,7x0,8 in ©2023 Artcadebites tarafından - Street Art, street-art-624, Pop Kültür, puzzle, resin, supermario, supermariobros, streetart, popart, neopop, resinart, decoration, interior, design, modern, contemporary, modernart, toad
"ArtPuzzle Piece #009"

Heykel - Rezine | 12,6x19,7x0,8 in

"LOOK" başlıklı Heykel Thierry Legrand (ziiart) tarafından, Orijinal sanat, Rezine Ahşap panel üzerine monte edilmiş
LOOK - Heykel, 17,7x17,7x1,6 in ©2023 Thierry Legrand (ziiart) tarafından - Street Art, street-art-624, Kentsel, LOOK, pierres, mur, wall sculpture, volume, blanc, fluo, carré

Heykel - Rezine | 17,7x17,7x1,6 in

Baskılar mevcuttur
"Hip hop" başlıklı Heykel Mélanie Bourget tarafından, Orijinal sanat, Rezine
Hip hop - Heykel, 18,5x23,6x9,8 in ©2022 Mélanie Bourget tarafından - Street Art, street-art-624, Dans, Hip hop, danse, street art, mouvement, urbaine, dance, music, musique
"Hip hop"

Heykel - Rezine | 18,5x23,6x9,8 in

"Standing Wood Poodl…" başlıklı Heykel Genedieve tarafından, Orijinal sanat, Ahşap
Standing Wood Poodle Sculpture - Heykel, 25,5x25,5x6 in ©2021 Genedieve tarafından - Street Art, street-art-624, Köpek, Wood, Acrylic, Polyurethane
"Standing Wood Poodle Sculpture"

Heykel - Ahşap | 25,5x25,5x6 in

"COOLure rouge #38" başlıklı Heykel 2mé / Blondeau tarafından, Orijinal sanat, Ahşap
COOLure rouge #38 - Heykel, 41,7x5,5x4,3 in ©2022 2mé / Blondeau tarafından - Street Art, street-art-624, Grafiti, street art, pop-art, sculpture bois, 2mé, graffiti, surréalisme, art
"COOLure rouge #38"

Heykel - Ahşap | 41,7x5,5x4,3 in

"« mur éternel » No.…" başlıklı Heykel Sim Marek tarafından, Orijinal sanat, Rezine
« mur éternel » No.04 - Heykel, 7,9x15,8x1 in ©2022 Sim Marek tarafından - Street Art, street-art-624, Grafiti, wall, mur, graffiti, urbun, street, streetart, resine, epoxy
"« mur éternel » No.04"

Heykel - Rezine | 7,9x15,8x1 in

"Mickey D Street Art…" başlıklı Heykel Xavier Wttrwulghe tarafından, Orijinal sanat, Rezine
Mickey D Street Art 1.03 - Heykel, 9,8x5,9x3,9 in ©2022 Xavier Wttrwulghe tarafından - Street Art, street-art-624, Grafiti, mickey, street art, banksy
"Mickey D Street Art 1.03"

Heykel - Rezine | 9,8x5,9x3,9 in

"Rectangulum DIVER" başlıklı Heykel Baho tarafından, Orijinal sanat, Rezine
Rectangulum DIVER - Heykel, 2,6x5,9x3,2 in ©2022 Baho tarafından - Street Art, street-art-624, Doğa, diver, baho, graff, graffitiart
"Rectangulum DIVER"

Heykel - Rezine | 2,6x5,9x3,2 in

"RedBull" başlıklı Heykel Diederik Van Apple tarafından, Orijinal sanat, Akrilik
RedBull - Heykel, 9,8x15,8x9,8 in ©2022 Diederik Van Apple tarafından - Street Art, street-art-624, Hayvan, arte, popart, streetart, artecontemporanea, tartaruga, resina, scultura, color

Heykel - Akrilik | 9,8x15,8x9,8 in

"Dream Rush" başlıklı Heykel Odart tarafından, Orijinal sanat, Alüminyum
Dream Rush - Heykel, 6,7x15,8x0,4 in ©2023 Odart tarafından - Street Art, street-art-624, pop art, street art, sculpture, studio tangerine
"Dream Rush"

Heykel - Alüminyum | 6,7x15,8x0,4 in

"Kesa combi 4" başlıklı Heykel Kesa Graffiti tarafından, Orijinal sanat, Akrilik
Kesa combi 4 - Heykel, 3,9x8,7x3,5 in ©2023 Kesa Graffiti tarafından - Street Art, street-art-624, Grafiti, #volkswagen, #combi, #miniature, #automobile, #volkswagencombi, #miniatureart, #custom, #customcar, #truck, #customtruck, #streetart, #graffiti, #graffitiart, #letters, #decoration, #street, #hiphop, #artderue, #urbanart, #graff
"Kesa combi 4"

Heykel - Akrilik | 3,9x8,7x3,5 in

"SPACO Bombe Picasso…" başlıklı Heykel Spaco tarafından, Orijinal sanat, Sprey boya
SPACO Bombe Picasso , 2023 Peinture acrylique sur Bombe - Heykel, 7,1x2,4x2,4 in ©2023 Spaco tarafından - Street Art, street-art-624
"SPACO Bombe Picasso , 2023 Peinture acrylique sur Bombe"

Heykel - Sprey boya | 7,1x2,4x2,4 in

"Infinity Chrome Gold" başlıklı Heykel Vincent Faudemer tarafından, Orijinal sanat, Paslanmaz Çelik
Infinity Chrome Gold - Heykel, 31,5x31,5x5,9 in ©2022 Vincent Faudemer tarafından - Street Art, street-art-624, Infinity Chrome, Vincent Faudemer, Vincent Faudemer Artiste, Sculpture Chrome, Vincent Faudemer Los Angeles, Vincent Faudemer cote, Prix Vincent Faudemer
"Infinity Chrome Gold"

Heykel - Paslanmaz Çelik | 31,5x31,5x5,9 in

"X5" başlıklı Heykel Willy Blanco tarafından, Orijinal sanat, Vitray boyama
X5 - Heykel, 4,3x4,3x1,5 in ©2023 Willy Blanco tarafından - Street Art, street-art-624, Grafiti, vitreaux, stainedglass, artglass, urbantextures, arteenvidrio, pequeñoformato, trashart

Heykel - Vitray boyama | 4,3x4,3x1,5 in

"Blue Diamond Heart" başlıklı Heykel Kellen tarafından, Orijinal sanat, Akrilik Ahşap panel üzerine monte edilmiş
Blue Diamond Heart - Heykel, 39,4x39,4x1,2 in ©2023 Kellen tarafından - Street Art, street-art-624
"Blue Diamond Heart"

Heykel - Akrilik | 39,4x39,4x1,2 in

"Urban style" başlıklı Heykel Rémy Demestre tarafından, Orijinal sanat, Akrilik
Urban style - Heykel, 12,2x14,2x4,3 in ©2023 Rémy Demestre tarafından - Street Art, street-art-624, Geometrik, street-art, art urbain, sculpture puzzle, sculpture, puzzle, oeuvre originale, design, graphique, géométrique
"Urban style"

Heykel - Akrilik | 12,2x14,2x4,3 in

"Glass board by ISPO…" başlıklı Heykel Ispolnitel tarafından, Orijinal sanat, Cam
Glass board by ISPOLNITEL - Heykel, 63x15,4x0,4 in ©2022 Ispolnitel tarafından - Street Art, street-art-624, серфборд, серфдоска, глассборд, glassboard, дизайн, дизайнинтерьера, дляинтерьера, предметдизайна, серф, стиль, kaws, bearbrick, ISPOLNITEL, ИСПОЛНИТЕЛЬ
"Glass board by ISPOLNITEL"

Heykel - Cam | 63x15,4x0,4 in

"Solaris" başlıklı Heykel Anka Girls tarafından, Orijinal sanat, Sprey boya
Solaris - Heykel, 116,1x39,4x35,4 in ©2022 Anka Girls tarafından - Street Art, street-art-624, Mitoloji, Pégase, cheval, soleil, femme, utérus, vert, jaune, aile, lumière, art de collaboration, femme artiste, sculpture

Heykel - Sprey boya | 116,1x39,4x35,4 in

İstek üzerine
"COOLure: Sculpture…" başlıklı Heykel 2mé tarafından, Orijinal sanat, Ahşap
COOLure: Sculpture pop art red Dark - Heykel, 41,7x5,5x4,3 in ©2022 2mé tarafından - Street Art, street-art-624, Grafiti, COOLure, 2mé, sculpture, dripping, stree art, pop art, surréaliste
"COOLure: Sculpture pop art red Dark"

Heykel - Ahşap | 41,7x5,5x4,3 in

İstek üzerine
"french dog" başlıklı Heykel Kejo tarafından, Orijinal sanat, Rezine
french dog - Heykel, 7,9x4,3x4,3 in ©2022 Kejo tarafından - Street Art, street-art-624, streetart, frenchdog, sculpture, volume, art, graffiti, kejo, luxe
"french dog"

Heykel - Rezine | 7,9x4,3x4,3 in

"Stability" başlıklı Heykel Kotek_prod tarafından, Orijinal sanat, Rezine
Stability - Heykel, 25,6x12,2x9,8 in ©2021 Kotek_prod tarafından - Street Art, street-art-624, Grafiti, graffiti

Heykel - Rezine | 25,6x12,2x9,8 in

"Something to suck m…" başlıklı Heykel Hersk tarafından, Orijinal sanat, Ahşap
Something to suck mini n°373 - Heykel, 24,4x8,7x2,8 in ©2022 Hersk tarafından - Street Art, street-art-624, Grafiti, graffiti, street art, ice cream, wall sculpture, wood object
"Something to suck mini n°373"

Heykel - Ahşap | 24,4x8,7x2,8 in

"Jazz" başlıklı Heykel Onemizer tarafından, Orijinal sanat, Bronz
Jazz - Heykel, 15,4x5,1x5,1 in ©2021 Onemizer tarafından - Street Art, street-art-624, Portre, banksy, enfant, child, Arrow, arc, personnage, Character, golden leaf, gold, or

Heykel - Bronz | 15,4x5,1x5,1 in



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