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Cynthia Brown Yackenchick

Greenfield, Massachusetts, United States
Artist (Photography)
Born 1953

Cynthia Brown Yackenchick
Nature and Event Photographer

Inspiration for Cynthia Brown Yackenchick, began first as a child observing the natural light and beauty, with family at the Connecticut Shore. Her father’s deep respect for the environment coupled with her mom’s love of photography inspired her to study photographic art. Self taught, Cynthia enthusiastically pursued her training in camera technique while studying the images of many artists. Today she focuses on illuminating nature’s depth, beauty, and wonder. Cynthia most recently has added people and special events to her photographic pallet.
A 20 year Greenfield resident of the Pioneer Valley, Ms. Yackenchick has integrated her community support work for individuals of different abilities, with her art work. In addition to sharing her nature photos with the public, she has also made a special effort to bring a direct experience of live nature to those who aren’t able to venture into the outdoors. Photography has proven to be an excellent vehicle for Cynthia to share her love of nature with others. It has become her passion over a profession.
In addition to Cynthia’s collection of photos from numerous locations in New England, her travels to photograph have also included Mexico, Aruba, St. Lucia, and New Mexico. Five years ago Cynthia began to display her photographs in a variety of local venues also winning many awards for her exceptional work.

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