Hollywood Boulevard (2017) Painting by Grégory Blin

Acrylic on Canvas, 41.3x27.6 in
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Sold by Grégory Blin

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Sold by Grégory Blin

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  • Original Artwork (One Of A Kind) Painting, Acrylic on Canvas
  • Dimensions Height 41.3in, Width 27.6in
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  • Categories Paintings under $20,000 Hyperrealism
Vue d'Hollywood Boulevard About this artwork: Classification, Techniques & Styles Acrylic Paint using traditional pigments mixed with synthetic resins.
Vue d'Hollywood Boulevard

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Automatically translated
Grégory Blin, a contemporary French painter, is a self-taught artist driven by three profound impulses that shape his artistic journey. Firstly, an irresistible urge to paint[...]

Grégory Blin, a contemporary French painter, is a self-taught artist driven by three profound impulses that shape his artistic journey. Firstly, an irresistible urge to paint fuels his creative spirit. Secondly, the environment serves as a challenging muse, influencing his approach and serving as a continual source of study. Thirdly, the discovery of 20th-century masters, encountered both in literature and museums, as well as in unconventional spaces, contributes significantly to his artistic development.

In 1988, at the age of 20, Blin unveiled his inaugural works. Shortly thereafter, he relocated to La Rochelle, where his art captivated the attention of the Charvet Gallery on the Ile de Ré. The following years saw a move to Lyon, an influential European city that opened doors to Italy and Switzerland. Exhibitions at Charvet Galleries and Cochin in Paris, along with an invitation from the Ministry of Finance to showcase his paintings at Bercy in 1995, marked significant milestones.

From 1996, Blin's figurative style transitioned toward more abstract forms, often retaining conscious echoes of reality. The shift included a change in mediums, with Blin abandoning oil for acrylic, gel, dry pastel, collage, and aerosol spray.

In 2001, Blin proposed to the Lyon Triangle gallery to immortalize ephemeral "Street Arts" and display them in a gallery setting. This period marked a surge in Blin's creative energy as he projected both his unconscious and conscious elements onto the canvas. His works, born from the walls of the city, were exhibited in Lyon, Paris, New York, Miami, and Atlanta, garnering acclaim and attracting collectors in both France and the United States.

In 2010, Blin undertook the challenge of reinterpreting Claude Monet's Water Lilies using spray paint. These paintings, exhibited at various venues, including the Orangerie of the Luxembourg Palace in 2014, achieved widespread recognition. In 2016, Blin explored another facet of his art through his "Travel Notebooks," where hyperrealism transfigured images from his distant journeys. These compositions, meticulously drawn on canvas before being painted in acrylic, focused on the intricate relationship between painting and reality.

Grégory Blin's artistic odyssey continues, marked by versatility, innovation, and an unyielding commitment to transcending traditional boundaries between art and the world it reflects.

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