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Valeria Amirkhanyan

Krasnoyarsk, Russia
Artist (Painting)
Born unknown date
I believe that deepening the connection between our deeply rooted nature and the real world, makes people careful with nature.

.Lera was born in a closed Siberian town where nuclear waste is stored and grew up missing wild spaces and sun outside the barbed wire.

Making art was her favorite thing to do. She attended the college of Surikov and studied to become a theatrical painter hoping that one day it would allow her to move somewhere to follow her dream of being an artist.

Her first job as a theatrical painter was in Krasnoyarsk city - the heart of Siberian culture where she immediately found her true home. Surrounded by the wild nature she discovered a vibrant arts community where her love of art was able to grow.

In 2020 Lera opened an art school to follow and share her passion for making art and painting. Since then she has, and worked full time at finding and refining her voice in art. Always she has strived to make work that is unconventional and original, loving the challenge of learning new techniques and working in various genres. Ultimately her greatest interest had always been to develop her abstract work, to say something that has not yet been said with paint.

Studying with other artists at the university level as well as in many private workshops and studios, she has had many teachers and influences that have aided her development. Experimentation and exploration in the studio are bringing her to a unique and strong personal voice and style. Bold, colorful, and exuberant work is her offering to the world. A joyful celebration of life. 

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