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Anandswaroop Manchiraju

Virbhadra,rishekesh, India
Artist (Painting, Digital Arts)
Born 1947

Anand Manchiraju is an internationally acclaimed, award-winning artist based in India. Living close to Himalaya Mountains, he is inspired by the splendors of nature although his subjects vary from landscapes to cityscapes, still life, figurative, portraits, some digital art and Hindu gods and goddesses.

Anand considers himself an artist by birth, photographer by profession and sculptor by practice. He is an experimentalist at heart. He enjoys experimenting with art style, medium and the tools he uses. He has worked with traditional oils on canvas, acrylics on canvas to his own unique mediums - photographic chemicals on bromides (which he calls photo-paintings) and oil and acrylic on x-ray films.

Anand’s artistic style ranges from impressionistic to abstract.

Anand Manchiraju Artist Biography

Indian Anand Manchiraju developed a passion in his childhood for painting, influenced by his father, a famous artist. Upon graduation from JNTU, India, Anand started a career as an artist in government. He has also been involved in promoting arts for 30 years as President of Andhra Academy of Arts. He has completed over 3000 artworks and has also been honored with 30 solo shows across India. In addition, Anand has participated in international exhibitions across the world winning numerous awards for his work.

Anand Manchiraju Artist Statement

When I reflect upon my long association with art, I find that the creative process is just as intriguing and rewarding as the final outcome of my projects. This desire to create has always been strong even when others have tried to dissuade me. The internal push to create has given me an appreciation for the process of exploration, patience, and the beauty of art. I believe this creative and explorative journey has become about freedom to create and the freedom to express myself.

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