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Yousuf Sheikh

Karachi, Pakistan
Artist (Painting)
Born unknown date

Mohammad Yousuf Sheikh
Colors reflect the sentiments…
A tiny boy used to wonder in the land of Mirpur Khas (Sindh), engrossed in deep thought, he would observe imagery in the world around him, from the sky and the earth to signs and magazines he was absorbed with art. His only source of enjoyment was the drawing-period in his High School where he got his Secondary School Certificate, despite his impressive talent this would be his only formal art education. The transformation from child to painter was not made with textbooks or lessons but rather sincere effort and a deep love of art. This is I, Yousuf Sheikh blessed with the inspirations by Almighty Allah (God) to express my feelings by using colors because I believe that colors speak the emotions…colors are the mirror of sentiments.

This has been a dream since my childhood to become an artist so that I could convey my feelings through brushstrokes of colors. This embodiment, of emotion through art, provides for a spiritual contentment, like a sigh of satisfaction, with each piece I complete.
My first and foremost teacher is my surroundings that made me learn to feel something. The remarkable aspect of my work is that I have neither joined any institution nor attended any art classes but by the grace of Allah (God) my works have highly been appreciated by the art community. My success is incomplete without paying my special thanks to Mr. Irshad Baig Mirpur Khas (Sindh) who indeed helped me out in my early learning stage, Mrs. Uzma Wahid from Karachi can also not be ignored for her contribution in making my paintings a success, the prominent artists Mr. Sadiqain, Mr. Eqbal Mehdi, Mr. Jamal Shah (Islamabad) and the artist and sculptor Mr. Jabbar (NCA-Lahore) are my strongest contemporary influences who, after Piccaso, really impressed me

Presently my major concentration is on themes from Pakistani and European cultures on which I am doing abstract paintings.
In the area of stage play I got an opportunity to participate as Set Designer for, "Naye Shikaari, puranai jaal" urdu play conducted by Awami Theater of The Pakistan Arts Council.

.graduate model college mir pir kahs sindh
. workshop painting & drawing cetificate. indus valley school of art and architecture arts council benazeer bhutoo awad (karachi )
2006-group show. khalik dina hall.(karachi)
2005-group show egypt (skandria)
2004- grou show saudi (arbia jedah)
2001-solo pearl continental hotel gallery (karachi )
2000-solo exhibition sadqeen gallery (karachi)
1999-group show sadqeen gallery (karachi
1998-group show.british council (karachi)
1997- First Solo Exhibition British Council (Karachi)
1997-group show arts council of pakistan (karachi)
1997-group show india( bombay)
1996-group show tajmahal hotel (karachi(
1996-participation sadqeen award sadqeen gallery (karachi(
1995-group show.alliance francaise (karachi)
1993- Group Show Parliament House (islamabad)

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