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São Paulo, São Paulo, Brasil
Artista (Fotografia, Pintura)
Nascido em 1970


Marco Ulgheri was born in Rome, Italy, in January 1970. His father is Italian and his mother is German. He was in touch with the painting arts in his childhood when he traveled to many cities in Europe.

In 1989 he starts his graduation course at La Sapienza University in Rome. In this period his interest for fine arts intensifies, particularly the fresco paintings and tempera on the wall.

The study in loco, characteristic which will follow all the artist evolution, allowed a better comprehension of the arts putting it into the context of historical, philosophical and aesthetic relations.

In 1990 a study trip to France (Paris, Reims, Chartres, Amiens, Versalhes) he deepened his knowledge about gothic art, besides studying the masterpieces of the great masters in the museums. In The Netherlands, Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Belgium, Anversa, Bruxelas. In England he found out the treasures of London, Oxford, Edinburgh, Durham and Newcastle.

In 1991, Marco Ulgheri moved to Florence where he stayed for one year. He did many studies in the countryside of Toscan and knew a lot of important places when doing the Grand-Tour- Medici Village (Pratolino, Poggio e Caiano, Artimino, Careggi,..), parks, churches and chapels which were present everywhere. He studied the great collections in the museums of Florence, Lucca, Siena, Fiesole, Pisa, Pistoia and San Gimignano. And then he could understand the expressive power of Fatori and macchiaioli that really influenced his future career.

Back to Rome, in 1992, he continued his field studies doing researches about the history of decoration, visiting Orsini-Bomarzo and Bracciano, Farnese-Caprarola, D’Este-Tivoli, Borghese and Giulia-Roma villages, and the abadias de Farfa-Rieti, Sta. Scolastica and Sacro Speco-Subiaco, Casamari-Frosinone, Fossanova-Latina, Grottaferrata-Rome. In the end of this year he did a detailed study about Edward Munch masterpiece in Osio, Bergen, Trondheim and Estocolmo. In Viena he did a research about Egon Schiele, and in Turkey, in Istanbul and Capadocia visited the archeological sites of Kayseri e Urgüp. In that time the artist was strongly influenced by the significant of art, dedicating himself to a theoretical and practical study of the techniques and material used in it (chemistry of the colors, research on leganti, inerti painting techniques of the great masters).

After that, in 1993, he revisited with a new view, the private and public collections of Rome, finding new values in masterpieces known for a long a long time. He spent a month in Abruzzi visiting churches and friaries around L`Aquila. And traveling to Germany (Siegen, Berlim and Colônia) he could check the remarkable technical virtuosity of Rubens and Rembrant masterpieces, which had an important influence on his job.


All of those studies and researches were really significant in the frescos conceptions done by Marco Ulgheri in the Oficial Residence of the Italian Pri...

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