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O site é de propriedade e operado pela Artmajeur, uma empresa registrada em Montpellier, FRANÇA sob a empresa número 51331811300018. Nosso número de IVA é FR 05 513318113. Empresa estabelecida em 2009. Capital 100 000€.

GDPR Compliance

General Data Protection Regulation -

Publication Director : SAMUEL CHARMETANT

Registered Address :
1870 boulevard de la liberté

SIRET : 51331811300018
513 318 113 R.C.S. MONTPELLIER

Name and address of the hosting service :
OVH SAS au capital de 10 069 020 €
RCS Lille Métropole 424 761 419 00045
Siège social : 2 rue Kellermann

Data Security

The data is hosted by the following hosts:

All communication between your browser and our servers uses the HTTPS protocol that encrypts data before it travels over the network. In addition, passwords are not stored in clear in our database but are encrypted using the latest password security technologies. Finally, the communications between our different servers are done on a private network that is not accessible from outside.


Artmajeur does not offer advertising related to the profile but only in the context of the pages consulted: the promotion zones display sponsored works, they appear on the homepage or inside the site and can show for example works of type "sculpture" if you visit the sculpture page, or painting, if you visit the painting page.

When we do not have any advertising to display, we may eventually use outside providers, such as Google Ad Exchange, which advertises generally based on your profile. You can view Google's GDPR compliance details on the following page:

Finally, some advertising customers use external advertising management platforms at Artmajeur. In this case, we do not program a banner, but a "tag", ie an HTML code, which dynamically calls the customer's advertisements. In this case, the client has access to basic connection data (IP address for example), but NEVER to the data of Artmajeur members. The advertiser may also have access to information about you regardless of Artmajeur (for example if you have data related to Google, Facebook, or retargeting sites and there is an agreement between these companies and the advertiser, it may have access to some common data shared by Google, Facebook etc ... To oppose it, you need to manage the access rights with these platforms.

Other third parties

Other third parties may also intervene on the platform as follows:

Member Profile

The member form contains the information that you have filled in at registration / editing including the following information:

Other items may also be related to your member profile:

DPO Contact (“Digital Protection Officer”)

You can contact us about privacy at


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