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Yuliia Volodina

Lisboa, Portugal
Artist (Drawing)
Born 1991
Ukrainian contemporary artist temporarily residing in Lisbon, Portugal

Yuliia volodina was born in Kriviy Rih, Ukraine, in 1991.  Due to Russia's attack on Ukraine, Yuliia currently resides in Lisbon. The artist explores the complexities and depths of human emotions as they are depicted in everyday life.

She focuses primarily on emotions and feelings in her work, exploring beauty in its various manifestations. Along with being an artist, Yuliia also works as an illustrator and brand designer and is open to projects and collaborations. Her art is known for capturing the complexities of human emotions and highlighting the beauty that can be found amidst the chaos of everyday life. Her background and life experiences have a significant influence on her art, which she uses as a means of staying connected to her culture and heritage.

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