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Tim Malone

Castelo Branco, Portugal
Artist (Painting, Printmaking)
Born 1958
Through abstraction, my work attempts to highlight social issues in a manner that is aesthetically appealing even if the subject matter is uncomfortable, even disturbing.

Tim Malone studied Fine Art in South Africa and subsequently worked as an award-winning advertising art and creative director for almost 40 years. Now that experience defines his artistic process. His approach to painting reflects the process in which layouts for print advertising are developed; any addition, deletion or amendment made to any part of the work impacts every other part. This means that solving one design problem often creates others, until a balanced result is finally achieved.

While Tim’s work is sometimes non-objective, it is always influenced by the social complexities, colours, shapes and textures of the places he’s lived and worked – South Africa, Saudi Arabia, England and Portugal.

Tim works in acrylic on canvas, paper and board, creating details using a variety of other media. Much of his work is  preference being hot-pressed watercolour paper, which is slightly absorbent, but allows the paint to be moved over the surface with relative ease.

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