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Tashfeen Rizwan

Karachi, Pakistan
Artist (Painting, Digital Arts)
Born 1977
Enwrapped in the artistic aura by Tashfeen

Enwrapped in the artistic aura of my family, I was blessed with an inheritance of creative passion and intellectual pursuits. My father, a renowned painter and a philosopher of the highest caliber, shed light on my childhood years with his sagacious guidance and served as an eternal muse.

Within the peaceful environs of philosophical debates and intellectual gatherings, I imbibed the very essence of artistic expression, leaving an ineradicable mark on my spirit. In the year 1998, I set forth on my artistic sojourn, wielding my chisel as a sculptor, transforming mere pieces of wood into exquisite works of art.

However, this was but a brief chapter in my true calling, as I soon discovered my purpose as a curator at the art gallery, founded by my father in 1999. Despite a fleeting dalliance with commercial photography, my heart remained steadfast in its devotion to the arts.

The years passed, and my artistic fervor lay dormant, until 2020, when the spark of inspiration was rekindled, propelling me to pick up the brush and delve into the realm of painting. With unwavering commitment and passion, I continue to delve into the depths of my artistic talent, pursuing my passion as a symbol of my unyielding commitment to the arts.

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