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Roberto Colombo

Artist (Photography)
Born 1955

Roberto Colombo is an Italian professional photographer. He had a classical education, but in the end he graduated with a degree in chemical and pharmaceutical sciences. In the mid-1970s, he discovered photography. He graduated from the Musa Photography Academy Monza in Milan, Italy.

In the 80s, work and family reduced his photographic activity almost to zero. He resumed photography in 2007 after a trip to Israel and the United States. He thinks that photography is not just a search for beauty. It is a way of telling our life, our emotions, our beliefs and ourselves. It is also an experiment.

His "creative projects" are an attempt at photographic abstraction. An attempt to bring images back to essential factors: light and color as generators of emotions and, sometimes, of imaginary forms. A few years ago he decided to present his works in national and international events, obtaining to be present in exhibitions. He has received awards and honors in over 25 countries.

In mid-March 2022, the International Federation of Photographic Art awarded him the honor of FIAP artist.

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