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Rita Kapitulski

Artist (Digital Arts, Photography)
Born unknown date
How I can explain what I feel when I get a picture? Freedom, Emotions, inspiration – I feel like a child in long summer vacation

Rita Kapitulski is a digital photographer and an artist. Art has been integrated as her way of freedom and expression, alongside her life journey.

She photographs landscapes, architecture, and people and creates unique works of art for architects and interior designers.

Her love story with art started in her childhood. She grew up, in Uzbekistan. She graduated in 1978, from studying Mechanical Engineering at the Polytechnic University, but her heart wanted to create and engage in art. In 1990, she immigrated to Israel.  Her knowledge and experience that brought her to formal recognition in the first exhibition where I presented her work, in Tel Aviv, Israel.

In 2018, love and passion prevailed over everything else, and she started her path to independence as a digital photographer and artist.

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