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Pam Carlson

Essex, United States
Artist (Painting)
Born unknown date


Pam has been in the art world since before collage where she majored in fine art and education. She worked in commercial art prior to becoming an art teacher in various public school systems and is now Vice President and a Board member of the Essex Art Association. She now concentrates on painting river, land and sky-scapes of the Connecticut River but can also be found painting Montana's 'Big Sky' mountains, farms and high plain vistas.
Five of her barnyard paintings hang in the Congressional Offices in Washington, DC representing Connecticut's local farm based heritage. Her work has also appeared in galleries at The Old Lyme Art Assoc., Essex Art Assoc., The Garvin Studio, The Art Trail, Slater Memorial Museum, Mystic Art Association, and the Maple and Main Gallery in a recent 'One Woman Show' Previously she has been invited to hang her work at Three Rivers Art Show, Pittsburgh, Pa. including Gallery West and the Emerson Arts Center in Bozeman, MT, .

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