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Karma Castilho

tung chung, Hong Kong SAR China
Artist (Painting)
Born unknown date
Art heals the soul and brings hope to mankind

Karma is a self taught artist. She began painting in 2016 and since then she completed more than 240 canvases.  Her styles reflects her own enthusiasm for life, rich  often dazzling colors. Her painting journey developed from therapeutic to expressive. Most of her work is abstract and intrinsic.  she gives free range to her mind, and only sometimes will finish a piece with conscious touch ups.

Karma is a qualified hypnotherapist.  What she has learned and practiced through hypnotherapy gives her the assurance to convey her feelings in her paintings.  She starts work on her canvases with her hands, literally.  The texture of the paint in her fingers empowering her to make the next stroke.

Karma promotes her work through the name Karma Hypnopainter. In 2019, she decided to participate in an on-line art competition ending with accomplishing several recognition awards and a merit award.  In 2021, she started to expose her paintings in her local private setting gallery and was well received by the viewers. In the same year, Karma starts to participate in an Digital Gallery exhibition runs by MADs Digital Gallery under the theme Breakout and received their Diploma and became one of their Artist.

2022 has been a year for Karma,  she finally decided to participated in Venice International Art Fair 2022 organized by ItsLiquid and she joined Rome Rossocinabro Gallery exhibition.

Karma also managed to have 11 of her paintings illustrated and published in a book name Who Cares Wins by Connie Lee and Gilbert Wong, a book about negotiations.  One of her paintings was used as their cover page.  Several paintings were also published in a book Imprint by The Women in Publishing Society in HK where a profound introduction of Karma could be found in their website.  Karma also received an interview by the owner of a boat magazine Fragrant Harbour Publishing Magazine and her interview was also publicized in their 309 edition with a 3 pages of Karma paintings and introduction of Karma.

Nevertheless, Karma always reminded herself the original nature of painting and one of her paintings was put in auction for a Charity event and her painting helped to raise a funding of HKD100,000. in year 2021.

Her wishful dream was to use her talents for earning funds for the less privileges children  hopefully to encourage their creativities for a better world to live.



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