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M Mystery Artist

LEEDS, United Kingdom
Artist (Painting, Collages)
Born 1997
Art is a game I play with myself.

M. Mystery Artist was born in 1997, in Belarus. Since young age M. lived

in many countries including Georgia, Kyrgyzstan,Kazakhstan and Hungary. 

M. always had a necessity for self-expression.

During childhood M. directed funny home plays with her siblings.

M's adolescence was spent writing scripts and making short films. Following passion of cinema, M. got a Bachelors degree in the United Kingdom.

When the pandemic hit the world, M. was working as a bookshop assistant in Belarus. One day M. decided to quit and become a painter. Finally, it felt like M. found her path.

In 2020 M. moved back to the United Kingdom and continued creative journey.

M's work can be found in private collections in Belarus, United States of America, Denmark, Hungary and United Kingdom.

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