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Marjoline Delahaye

Den Haag, Netherlands
Artist (Digital Arts)
Born 1952
Beauty is functional

The quote "Beauty is functional" relates to the importance of art which to my mind goes much further than mere decoration. It is what gives us the energy to continue when times are difficult, it gives us purpose, it gives us life.

Now a bit about me, Marjoline Delahaye. After a life of combining art as a separate hobby to an IT career, I now combine all I know in both fields of art and IT to mix  and bring out the best of both in my digital art collages and digital sketching and painting.

How did this all come about? After a long focus on IT for my income whilst raising my family, I started painting in the realistic style again in 1991. After some time I became more interested in displaying core shared emotions and branched out into abstract work, encouraged by the reactions from the public at the exhibition in France where I showed a series of 8 large abstract works. It was so interesting that those grieving for a parent, those hurting from the loss of their lifelong job, and those frightened by the loss of Amazon jungle all saw their feelings represented by the same, single abstract work of art.

For a number of years I extended my work into the realm of film and digital effects, following many different courses to make this possible. This culminated in the current works which you see here, which are a mix of sketching, digital effects and  digital painting of subjects related to human passions, such as dancing, cars, sports, biking, photography, nature and the little things in life.

An advantage of this digital way of working is that it can ultimately be used on many different substrates, including brushed aluminium, acrylic, wood and canvas panels.

In the course of time I have lived in The Netherlands, Australia, South Africa, Canada and France, before returning to live permanently in The Netherlands. Undoubtedly this has all left impressions and contributes to the style of universally recognisable and shared emotions.

Aside from the arts, my graphic design work has also been utilised for different purposes, such as the Commons, Beatstad Radio, DiEM25, Fiat 500 Club, Autism Society, Universal Basic Income, multiple different websites, etc.

I am happy that you have found your way to my page, and thank you for your interest in my work.

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