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Lisa Trevino

Gaithersburg, Maryland, United States
Artist (Painting, Photography)
Born unknown date
I intend for others to experience a new way to see, when they look at my work.

I embraced the fact that I see the world through a different lens than most people, but I assume each artist sees through their own distinct lens, which makes up this beautiful world of art.

I am interested in relationships of color, form, and texture. Most of my works can be referenced from photographs taken on my iPhone. The images come from nature, an experience, happenstance, and on occasion, a fluke or a happy surprise. The technique that suits a particular image leads me to have a variety of ideas and options whether I retain the image as a photo or inspiration for a drawing, painting, or relief print.

Approaching each piece of work as an experiment, frees me to explore the possibilities and to succeed or fail in the attempt. I continue to develop and create work in several disciplines. I enjoy the process of making art; the trial and error of exploring a particular idea, and allowing the viewer to invent their own interpretation of the work.

When I look at artist’s work, I am interested in technique, composition, color, and balance and find it interesting the way artist communicate through their art.

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