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Artist (Photography, Drawing)
Born unknown date
Why should I pursue for a million when I can rule the transaction art world?

Leni Smoragdova is a highly creative photographer and artist. She is the originator of the Transaction Art concepts. Initially, she coined the slogan: "We are children of war; war is money; money has no face; it is as simple as Transaction; we are children of Transaction; we are children with hidden faces."

TransactionArt was born in London; she met a Muse, the Muse of Transaction Art, and she began concealing the faces of the people in her art, dubbed "hidden faces." At the time, the "Figures Collection" was released.

Leni Smoragdova currently resides and works in Israel. She earned degrees from Smolensk State University in Russia and Central Saint Martins in the United Kingdom (London). From 2010 to 2012, she worked as an artist for Madonna's show. She has exhibited her work internationally and is represented by Hay Hills Gallery in London and the Shchukin Gallery in New York.

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