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Larissa Rogacheva

Montacute, Australia
Artist (Painting)
Born unknown date
Chaos is simply the reason for a painting.....

I am a watercolourist as well as a printmaker enjoying the process-driven media with all their challenges and hopefully exciting discoveries. My life, cultural background experiences and love of travel have been the base source of inspiration for my work for some time. I am particularly interested in magical realism's wonderfully complicated aesthetics. 

Etching and watercolour have always been my main interest in art. The narrative of my works, I guess, comes from my childhood and cultural upbringing, books, museums and the somewhat theatrical nature of Saint-Petersburg.

I used to be an architect, I used to teach printmaking and drawing... but watercolour is still my favourite medium. The art of watching paper dring is endlessly fascinating and never fails to entertain indeed.

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