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Mariia Gorbunova

Roeselare, Belgium
Artist (Painting, Collages)
Born 1982
Emotional experiences and research in the field of psychology, analysis and creation of memory containers), as well as a professional approach. More than 20 years in painting.

My name is Maria. I am an artist, currently living in West Flanders, Belgium. I prefer a painting as medium, as guide, using different kinds of materials and mixed media. I studied at an architectural university where we worked with collages and studied the principles of supremacists, constructionism, etc. I mix Montana spray paint with acrylic and oil paints whilst also using graphite, sanguine and oil pastels. It is important for me to reflect the conflict of materials, as a combination of the traditional (past) with the bright present. I also use dark primers - imprimatur, often umber, red-brown shades and top i write using cerulean blue and carmine, cadmium yellow medium. These colors create tension in my paintings, sometimes a dramatic intensity. I like to use stencil techniques and combine more traditional techniques with modern techniques. I also work with various kinds of textiles, leather, nails ad putty.

I grew up in a very small city on the border of the Arctic Circle which was a completely isolated place. I can highlight themes that are important for me in my art, the theme of MEMORY, Sensory experience, an attempt to overcome psychological trauma received in childhood due to my mom schizophrenia.  I have been recovering from this traumatic experience for many years which has influenced me greatly. I also connect this experience with the theme of femininity and lost childhood. The theme of the lost female nature, which needs to be restored, like a destroyed temple.

Symbols matter to me, my own sometimes archaic images. In order to transform he memory of revenge the sensory perception of these key moments from the past into iconic forms or ''special space''. For me a landscape in abstraction is the same feeling o ''place'', only devoid of a ''narrative'', a descriptive character. Sometimes i take a very long time to select the color for particular episode-place. My works important for me to show the struggle with the material, with the materialism of color, of surface.. to condense sensory experience.

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