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Jeff Mann

FORT ERIE, Ontario, Canada
Artist (Sculpture, Digital Arts)
Born 1951
I work by response allowing the materials to tell me what they want to become.

Though I trained in Ceramics, I had exposure to sculpture while in art school and after many years as a ceramicist, I moved into sculpture exploring mediums until I discovered car parts, welding and shovels. It's been downhill ever since. During my car part exploration, I was also a transportation activist. I discovered car parts in Maine in 2005, moved to Watertown, NY  in 2009, to Kingston, Ontario in 2011 and Fort Erie Ontario in 2020.  My art career has consisted of solo shows,  grants for community based art and schools and an art activity printing t-shirts with car parts and tires that I presented at festivals, art centres and schools. I currently have some gallery representation, but am mostly  going the on-line sales route.

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