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Good Typing Speed Test

Typing speed varies a great deal depending on how you type. It ranges from 40 WPM to 50 WPM. Those who type with just two fingers use the hunt-and-peck method, which requires searching for each key as they type. There is a limit to how fast you can type words, no matter how fast you move. With this method, the average speed is just 27 words per minute.

Instead of looking down at the keys as you type, you can train your fingers to type the right keys using all 10 fingers. Additionally, you can type much faster by moving shorter distances across the keyboard. It shows. 

Touch typists using all 10 fingers typically type over 50 WPM, roughly twice as fast as those using just two fingers. But keep in mind that's just an average. Most people can type much faster with this technique. One of the fastest typists alive today, Sean Wrona, types at 256 words per minute. The pace he keeps over 50 minutes can be as high as 174 words per minute.

Advanced Typing

Adults should strive to achieve the status of advanced typist when learning to type. The standard for advanced typing is 80 words per minute. As advanced typists, individuals will be qualified for any job requiring typing. Furthermore, job seekers should be able to touch type. A touch typist knows how to use all the keys on the keyboard and can type through muscle memory. Touch typing allows individuals to keep their production and WPM high because they don't need to look at the keyboard and can keep their eyes on the screen while working.

How fast must I type to get a job?

There is no explicit requirement for typing speed in most jobs, but this is because basic typing skills are assumed by most employers. To maintain a standard level of efficiency at work, you should aim for a typing speed of at least 40 WPM.

This standard may be higher for some professions. Typing 60 words per minute might be required to land a job as a personal or executive assistant. It is generally required that word processors be able to type between 55 and 90 words per minute.

The typing speed requirements for other jobs that deal heavily with computers, such as programmers and journalists, are rarely specified. However, if you type too slowly, you will negatively impact your productivity. 

You can find out how good your typing skills are by taking our typing test. If you pass a test, you will receive a professional certificate that can be shown to teachers and potential employers.

Before taking it, log in so that you can track your progress! You will not only be able to track your speed, but it will also note the keys you tend to miss. On the typing lessons page, you can take a custom lesson based on your problem keys.


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