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Hamid Nasir

Karachi, Pakistan
Artist (Painting)
Born unknown date

I was born Born in Gujranwala,1965.
I was fond of the art field from the very beginning of childhood.
The cause of this desire was that there were numerous prominent artists in this city of Pakistan. There was tremendous knowledge regarding fine arts. The art of calligraphy was on the peak standard. Several famous artists were also born in this city including the old master Allah-Bux.
I got great guidance from my father and through the leaders in this field.
The best environment of this art was obtained in Karachi.
Where famous artists were present,
therefore the best calligraphy for fine hand used Urdu script, i.e. NASTALEEQ. During this period
I executed severed landscape and portrait & worked hard on various medium.
The great famous artist of calligraphy SADQAIN caused me for new invention and color composition for
Quranic calligraphy.
I observed several work from the famous and renowned art
calligraphers during the various exhibitions and then started painting from my own idea on the
subjects as stated above.
Later on I become to understand the meanings and translation of
Quranic Ayyat (VERSES) and thus the works become progressive for every day.
I suspended all my activities and made myself exclusively for perfect Quranic calligraphy.
It is a fortune to me towards the spiritual secrets which were hidden to me and
I was quite ignorant of it.
The way and then method of worship for me for this and for the next world still now
I feel dissatisfied and am gloomy and stand today as a student of an early age.
I desire more and more knowledge for the secrets of nature and life.

Hamid Nasir

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