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Nothing is created, everything is transformed (it’s not from me!)

Presentation & Biography

The son of Italian emigrants, already very small, Antonio Zamariola devoted himself to drawing. For it was one of the only things that did not cost money! He will explain it. So when my father, who worked at the mine, got his envelope with his weekly pay, I took it to draw inside.”
His ambition is quickly clear: he wants to become a cartoonist. He made a quick incursion into thi Painting as a therapy.
 s field but… as a writer. Very quickly, he realizes that we have to be very strong in this area. Too much preparation work, too much documentation. It was not in his temperament. For him, it is primarily a matter of instinct, it must come from the gut.

At the time he was hired by Marabout Publishing, he learned the trade of offset photoengraver. Afterwards, he also ensures some book covers and illustrations of Marabout Flash. Unfortunately, the Hachette group’s takeover of the publishing house forced him to change jobs and store his pencils for many years. After more than 20 years in the automotive industry as a service manager, he is fired for “restructuring”.
 "Until then, I had long said that I wanted to paint. "This spell allowed me to do it," he continued. " In fact, I think it was either that or anti-depressants." For Antonio Zamariola, painting actually acts as a kind of therapy. " I paint when I feel bad. It allows me to vent all the rage that is inside me. Each painting is a suffering but a suffering that helps me to shout my revolt".

A process from which relatively dark and often abstract paintings emanate. "However, I was never really attracted by the abstract. When I start painting, I never know what I’m going to do. I go to the feeling, putting a little (a lot) of acrylic on a canvas. Consequence: "often I myself am surprised by the result! ". Surprised Antonio (or Antoine) is, seeing the interest that his painting arouses, not only in Belgium, but also abroad where he holds exhibitions on exhibitions.

His works have been exhibited in Ostend, Bruges, Rome, Venice, Milan, Bergamo, Malaga, Zürich, Berne, New York. In 2015, he became a Companion of European Artistic Merit. He is also present on the Web where he participates in virtual exhibitions allowing his works to be showcased (Renkart, Artbox Zürich 1.0, MIAMI2.0, MUVI, Premio Combat, Celeste among others. He says that he does not belong to any particular artistic movement, but he claims everything. Everything is an inspiration to him, especially music and current events.


Modrian, Miro, Picasso, Modigliani

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Certification 2019 : €900.00 ($999.45)
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Antonio Zamariola

The artist at work


2015 Compagnon du Mérite Artistique Belgium

Solo Expositions

2020 CCV expo Julight & Antonio Zamariola Verviers, Belgium

2019 Galerie La Ligne Spa, Belgium

2019 Galerie J&N interior Verviers, Belgium

2018 Espace d'Art "Schyns Assurances" Herve, Belgium

2017 Espace d'Art "Brutex Construct" Liège, Belgium

2016 Galerie "La Halle aux Blés" Durbuy, Belgium

2016 Galerie "Evasion" Saint Georges-sur-Meuse, Belgium

2016 Centre culturel de Soumagne Soumagne, Belgium

2015 Restaurant "Number One" Herve, Belgium

2015 Brasserie "Le Fourquet" Thimister-Clermont, Belgium

2014 Galerie "La Ligne" Herve, Belgium

2014 Brasserie "Le Chat Volant Verviers, Belgium

2010 Brasserie "Le Fourquet" Thimister-Clermont, Belgium

2010 Libr'Art Libramont, Belgium

2010 Cercle des Beaux-Arts Verviers, Belgium

2009 Fondation Hardy Dison, Belgium

2006 Expo Château de Oupeye Oupeye, Belgium

Collective Expositions

2020 Barcelona 1.0 Barcelone, Spain

2020 Multi Art Events Gallery Monaco Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, France

2020 CCV (Centre Culturel Verviers) Verviers, Belgium

2020 Asylum Fantastic Festival 2.0 Valmontone (Rome), Italy

2019 Artbox Miami 2.0 Miami, United States

2019 Art Paper International 2019 Hünibach, Switzerland

2019 Verso La Biennale Flyer Art Gallery Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy

2019 Asylum (Paura come Arte) Festival Villamontone (Rome), Italy

2019 Beauty & Elegance Flyer Gallery Civitavecchia (Port of Rome), Italy

2019 Artbox Zurîch 2.0 Zurïch, Switzerland

2019 Galerie J&N interior Verviers, Belgium

2019 Art Nordic Exhibition Copenhaghe, Denmark

2019 Odissea dell'Arte VII édition (MUVI) Web, Italy

2019 Galerie La Villa Sauvage Verviers, Belgium

2018 Web Art Expo 2018 Grifio Art Gallery Web, Italy

2018 Forme d'Arte VI édition (MUVI) Web, Italy

2018 Reg'Art Actuel Beffrois de Bruges, Belgium

2018 Salon d'été Fondation Hardy Dison, Belgium

2018 Galerie "Spazio Porpora" Milan, Italy

2018 MAEK (Mérite Artistique européen) Château de Vierset, Belgium

2018 Galerie "La Ligne" Herve, Belgium

2017 Ex "Galerie Le Prado" Liège, Belgium

2017 Galerie "Christye" Soiron, Belgium

2017 Salon d'été Tour du Château Oupeye, Belgium

2017 Blégny-mine Blegny, Belgium

2016 Caelum Gallery New-York, New-York, United States

2016 MAEK (Mérite Artistique européen) Visé, Belgium

2016 LO Gallery Bergame, Italy

2016 Galerie "Javier Ramon" Malaga, Spain

2015 Galerie Éphémère Passage Lemonnier Liège, Belgium

2015 Christmas edition "ArTe Gallery" San Donà di Piave, Italy

2015 Art Meting international "Flyer Gallery" Rome, Italy

2015 Galerie "La Potèle" Rochehaut, Belgium

2015 Galerie "Papillon" Ostende, Belgium

2015 MAEK (Mérite Artistique européen) Visé, Belgium

2014 Château de Oupeye Oupeye, Belgium

2014 Galerie "Passion" Saint Georges-sur-Meuse, Belgium

2014 Galerie ABC Design Verviers, Belgium

2013 CCD (Centre Culturel Dison) Dison, Belgium

2013 espace d'Art "Stalport Contemporain" Liège, Belgium

2013 22ème édition Fondation René Théwissen Oupeye, Belgium

2013 Fondation Hardy Dison, Belgium

2011 17ème edition du Télévie Soumagne, Belgium

2010 Centre Culturel Bellaire, Belgium

Permanent Collections

2019 Accrochage permanent J&N interiors Verviers, Belgium