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How to understand abstract art?

Different people have different opinions:

- Abstract art has certain meaning but I don't know how to find it.
- Abstract art cannot have meaning because it is abstract. It's nothing but decoration.

There are also people who enjoy abstract art. They have possibly read Kandinsky's books - "Concerning Spiritual in Arts" and "Point and Line to Plane".
They were published 100 years ago. They explain similarity between music and visual art.

We tell people from the first group: "Understand abstract art in the same way as you understand music."
We ask people from the second group: "Does music mean anything to you? Music can be equally abstract - unless we speak about songs with explicit lyrics". What is the meaning of classical music? Is it a mere decoration?

The artist's project called Kandinsky Sound illustrates structural and spiritual relation between composition in music and visual art.
A few music samples can be found under the name Buddha Orchestra.

We play music made of images at vernissages. We perform at media events. We've heard opinions as strong as "you've opened my eyes". We are confident that the project is both helpful and interesting for audience.