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VERO CRISTALLI is born in ENGHIEN les BAINS in 1965.

With Greek/Jewish's origin on her mother's side, she is Italian/catholic on her father's, VERO CRISTALLI approaches the world under the sign of questionnement and repair for forgiveness.

A set of perpetual confrontations where its own roots and vital bonds torn by the inhuman mechanisms have to be reinvented allways. Her brushes obey this need. Vero Cristalli as an artist has an autonomous existence, and enters in osmosis with the symbol of freedom this one represents traditionally ; having abdicated its integrity, it became representation of the life.

This superimposes the prototype of the child with its power and its weakness, but especially the weakness of its force. It shows the regression of the eternal child in the man, Nietzsche used to spoke : a state of fundamental unadjustment enters the lack and the gift. This spirit of the time which weighs on it of all the weight of its dissatisfied aspirations. Her work is the fragile mirror of the inner person, and reflects fascination of its contemporaries. "TO BE ALIVE IS A TRY TO UNDERSTAND"