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Dave received his Bachelor’s degree from Adams State College in Colorado and his Masters of Arts from Elmira College in New York. He taught art for 36 years and retired in 2004 from Corning, NY and now enjoys working in his own wood and ceramic shop.
In 2007 Dave was selected from among nearly 1000 applicants to participate in the Paradise City Arts Festivals. He also has exhibited at 171 Cedar Arts Center in Corning, NY and Community Arts of Elmira.

Statement:For me the real passion in my work comes from my involvement with the media. Wood is wonderful in the way it expresses rich patterns, texture, color and form. The linear patterns suggested by the grain of the wood, along with the color and texture provides me with the direction to create the final form that you see. Each piece was created from the nature that surrounds us and words spoken within the media. If I were to describe a style of my art, I would have to say “Let the wood speak for itself”. I see myself as one who unlocks the beauty they have within.

The subjects I choose are distinctly varied. My inspirations are derived from time spent kayaking on the sea, from the nature that surrounds us and my respect and interest in Native Americans.

My skills have been developed over the last fifty years. They range from drawing, painting, sculpting in wood and clay as well as hot glass.

I have to say that the skills we develop as time flies, puts a positive spin on getting older. Using these skills to create my art has greatly enriched my life.