How to present and value your artworks sold

Should I delete sold artworks from my gallery? 

Absolutely not: We strongly recommend that you always keep the works sold on your gallery!

It is very important to keep all the archives of your works on your Artmajeur account because:

  • You have legal protection all over the world thanks to the time-stamped digital repository: works that you delete from your account are no longer protected!
  • Sold works reassure potential buyers
  • The price of artworks sold will remain PRIVATE

What to do when I sold a work of my gallery?

If you sell works (either on Artmajeur, or outside Artmajeur), use the button "edit" next to the works, and pass the status of the work to "SOLD".

In this way, the customers see that the work is no longer available for sale.

Moreover, it is very important to have works sold on your gallery, because it shows to the public that there is activity and sales on your collection: the activity is itself generating interest and contacts as it reassures potential customers.

Why display your sold works?

  • Reassure your customers
    The works sold show your customers that your works are popular: The more works you have sold, the more customers are encouraged to buy.

  • Establish your Certified Artist Rating
    The works sold allow the experts to calculate your certified artist rating. To do this, you must add proof of sale to the section: My Account > Works > Works sold.

  • Optimize your SEO on Google
    The works sold remain indexed on Google, Pinterest, Facebook and all social networks. They also store additions to favourites, "likes" and comments received.

Where do the sold works appear?

  • On your series
    The works sold are presented at the end of your series, in order to highlight the works that are available for sale

  • On your profile
    A special "sold works" series is automatically presented at the bottom of the series in your profile. All works sold appear on this series.

Should sold works be hidden?

No, you must always display the works sold!

  • The prices of the works sold are hidden
    For reasons of confidentiality, the prices of the works sold are hidden. If you upload proof of sale (invoices, proof of payment), they are only visible to the experts when they calculate your certified rating.

  • Keep your Google SEO
    Always display your works sold, in order to keep your referencing on google, as well as the links that point to your account.

  • The "sold works" series on your profile
    The "sold works" series that appears at the bottom of the profile cannot be deleted. To add sold works in this series, simply select the "sold" status when editing the details of a work in your account.
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