How are public prices calculated?

The selling price displayed to the public includes the price you ask for the work, the selling commission (including VAT if applicable), and shipping costs.

Price you want for the work

You can choose the price you ask for the artwork. When you enter the price in your account, the price you set must include the sales commission. The amount you receive will also appear below the price you enter, on the artwork's details page.

Sales commission

The sales commission applies to the entire transaction (price of the work + transport). It depends on your account and your membership level.

VAT on sales commission

VAT is added on the sales commission for sellers residing in the EU. Professional sellers can set the intra-community VAT number in the settings section of their account. Sellers outside the EU are not subject to VAT.

Shipping price

The prices displayed on the gallery will include the shipping costs to the country of the customer (the price of transport depends on the country of the customer). If you choose Artmajeur for delivery, the calculation is made by Artmajeur. If you ship yourself, the price depends on the delivery profile you have set up for the customer's country.

How is the retail price calculated?

The VAT rate is applied only on the sales commission, only if the seller is an EU resident.

Sales commission
Your VAT exclusive sales commission level appears on your account home page.

Sales commission incl. VAT:
% Commission x (1 + % VAT)

Public price :
Price of the work + (Cost of transport / (1 - % Commission incl. VAT)

Your gain:

  • If you ship the package yourself, you will receive:
    Order amount x (1 - % Commission incl. VAT)

  • If you want Artmajeur to take care of the shipping, you will receive:
    Order amount x (1 - % Commission incl. VAT) - Shipping cost

How can I view the price displayed for a given country?

You can preview the price including worldwide shipping by selecting a country when you edit the artwork price in your account.

Why does the sales commission also apply on shipping?

Like credit card fees, sales commissions are applied to the total amount of the transaction, including the price of the work, and the price of transport.

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