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Marcela is a young artist who discovered art through her interest in design, color, art history as well as through her natural intuition of equilibrium in painting. These are the factors that interested her since the very first steps at the design school. Born in Santiago of Chile in 1970, she completed her design studies in 1993. Two years after, she moved to Denmark, where she currently resides with Danish citizenship. After a long period of adaptation to this country, in 1997 she decided to study as a laboratory technician. Although this experience contrasted with her original love for art, Marcela catched a glimpse likenesses between science and art. In the 2004 she lived in Paris, where she rediscovered her favorite materials: oil, pastel and watercolor. Her ability with the spatule and the brightness of the colors, typical of her latin nature, are the main aspects emerging from observation of her works.