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Loading (2019)
Photography (Several sizes available)

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About this artwork
This artwork is part of the gallery Maritim - Schiffe / Maritime - Ships and Boats / Navires.

Artwork Type
Open Edition
Digital Photography, Non Manipulated Photography
Support or surface
Several supports available (Fine art paper, Metal Print, Canvas Print)
Framing available (Floating Frame + Under Glass, Frame + Under Acrylic Glass)

One of my favorite leisure is to watch the loading or unload a Container Ship in Hamburg harbour. When evening falls everything is illuminated and creates beautiful lights.

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©2019 by Monika Cherkaoui
Blue Hour - Photography ©2019 by Monika Cherkaoui - Architecture, Colors, Geometric, Light, Cityscape, Hamburg, Blue Port, Licht, Lichtinstallation, Nacht, Blau, Architektur, Night shot, Tower, Heinrich-Hertz-Tower, Fernsehturm Hamburg, Lichtkunst, Michael Batz
©2019 by Monika Cherkaoui
Docklands 01 - Photography ©2019 by Monika Cherkaoui - Architecture, Colors, Geometric, Light, Places, Hamburg, Elbe, Docklands, Sonnenuntergang, Sunset, Wasser, Water, Reflektion, Reflections
©2019 by Monika Cherkaoui
Kastanien - Photography ©2019 by Monika Cherkaoui - Tree, Seasons, Landscape, Nature, Natur, Bäume, Kastanien, Jahreszeiten, Herbst
©2019 by Monika Cherkaoui
Ähre - Photography ©2019 by Monika Cherkaoui - Botanic, Seasons, Landscape, Nature, Sommer, Feld, Weizen, Ähre, Jahreszeiten, Ernte
©2019 by Monika Cherkaoui
Rosehip 02 - Photography ©2019 by Monika Cherkaoui - Botanic, Colors, Garden, Seasons, Nature, Nature, Bushes, Rosehips, Fall, Autumn, Jahreszeiten, Rot, Grün, Green
©2018 by Monika Cherkaoui
Morgen über Finkenwerder - Photography ©2018 by Monika Cherkaoui - Boat, Aerial, Places, Travel, Ships, Hamburg, Finkenwerder, Fluss, Elbe, Fähre, Luftbild, Wasser

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