Miguel Esquivel Kuello

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Miguel Esquivel Kuello is an visual artist and musician, born in Colombia. He lives and works in Paris.

His personal research embraces art in its various manifestations: painting, drawing and engraving, but also photography, video art and music. He started his artistic training in Bogota, where he graduated in fine arts at Universidad de la Sabana (1996), while studying cinematography at ACOPROCINE School and at the Museum of Modern Art, and practicing music with the Orquesta Cinfonica Juvenil de Bogota. In Paris he improved the ingraving technique at the Atelier CONTRAPOINT and obtained a M.A. degree in Esthetics and art History at Université Paris 8.

Time and dimension, atmosphere and chiaroscuro, journal paper and collage, eroticism and lace, unconsciousness and emotion… these are the ideas and concepts playing and fighting to finally get together.

Personal exhibitions

2003 Galerie La Vache Bleue. Paris, France
2001 Centro Andino. Bogotà, Cololombia
1999 Galeria Arango Son, Bogotà, Colombia
1999 Torre COLPATRIA, Bogotà, Colombia
1998 Galeria El Teatro. Bogotà, Colombia
1998 Galeria El Buho Dorado. Bogoà, Colombia
1995 Galeria El Tulipan Negro. Bogotà, Colombia
1993 Universidad de la Sabana, Bogotà, Colombia

Collective exhibitions
2017 Art-Expo Summer Rome. Rome, Italie
2004 Galerie L a Vache Bleue. Paris, France
2003 Marie du XIXem. Paris, France
2002 Centro Cultural QUIRA. Bogotà, Colombia
2000 Galerie Ombre et Lumière. Paris, France
1998 Casa Cultural, BANCO GANADERO. Bogotà