Глаша играет на гармони, ведь на гитаре обыденно (2017)

About this artwork
Artwork Type
Original Art
19.7x15.8 in
Other, Acrylic, Ink
Support or surface
All these descriptions take a lot of time… I love people: big, fat, small, tall, weak, strong, beautiful and not, but… sorry ladies and gentlemen, I’m not interested in the explanation. I create my paintings not for a printed monologue. This is my language, this is my speech. My art – my dialog with a modern world. Look through, read me, translate your sensations.

ink, paper;

Laconic exquisite anti-frame 40*50 cm;
Painting 28*28 cm.
Automatically translated
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15.8x11.8 in
19.7x15.8 in
19.7x15.8 in
19.7x15.8 in
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