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The artworks may be in a static form or in a heady dynamism, whether through the postures or the chosen subjects, by the veil or the dripping water on the bodies. It is the contrast between the hardness of steel and the softness of the artwork, the complementarity between fullness and emptiness, and the demonstration of the vacuity, that result in an artistic concept combining the intellect to sensible. The stoles, the dresses, the impression of lightness of movements or drops of water, and the gentle curves lead the viewer to an encounter. The encounter of women in all shades. They are magnified here respectfully. Marc seeks the moment where they reveal to him a sensitive part of their being. "Woman is a world of courage, but also of beauty, of sensuality, of grace and of elegance."(Marc Terrade) We can find the woman in the most ancient and mythological figures, but all these women open their doors to spectators at an intimate and profound moment of who they are. For this artwork, the woman is not an object.

Marc Terrade

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