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I live and work with as much passion as I can within the Polarities of Life that is presented to me.

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Through my work I developed a visual language that makes sense to me. I never shy away from the difficult things in life, but always need to search for a slither of hope in order not to become entirely consumed by despair because life will always present us with polarities, and we have to experience both. Sometimes even the most challenging thing has the potential to offer us an incredible gift. First,however, we have to be willing to see it. 

During doing my work prcess, I'm always eager to see how one image can evolve into another one. I only recently explored the use of digital medium as an extra tol for expression. It is an exciting process that often takes me on exciting journeys of discovery. Creating a message is usually exciting because I have to find the perfect balance between hat  will invoke emotion in my viewer and make them think about the work  long after they've  studied it. I prefer to work with accidental elements that occur when I superimpose images. It forces me to adjust and find new potential in what is in front of me. I love the challenge the process presents to me because it pushes me out of my own comfort zone. It's also the perfect analogue to my personal life. I had to reinvent myself numerous times during my lifetime so this creative method works very well for me.

- Lize Krüger is a South African award winning artist who received her BA Fine Art degree in 1987 from the North West University in South Africa. Lize has had numerous solo exhibitions through the years and participated in various International exhibitions. 


Penny Siopis, Frida Kahlo, Francis Bacon


1984-1987 BA Fine Arts North West University Potchefstroom, South Africa
Lize Krüger

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2021 Certificate Of Artistic Excellence/ Circle Foundation Of The Arts France

2021 Certificate Of Excellence/ People&Painting New York, United States

2021 Collectors Vision International Award United Kingdom

2021 ATIM Collectors Choice Magazine United States

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2018 In Their Name Lost Gardens Of Heligan, Cornwall, United Kingdom


2019 London Print Studio London, United Kingdom

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