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BC, Canada

Female Nudes (2000)

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About this artwork

Techniques Oil
Framing No
Related themes

Painting , Oil , Nude , nudes ink women intimacy gesture black white youth sensuous


chinese ink on paper chinese ink on paper

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©1982 by Kal Opre
Warmup - Painting ©1982 by Kal Opre - Nude, woman nude impressionism gestural whimsical
©1995 by Kal Opre
For the Gustavs - Painting ©1995 by Kal Opre - Contemporary painting, woman klimt mahler contemplative mysterious whimsical abstract
©1997 by Kal Opre
Shift Change - Painting ©1997 by Kal Opre - Figurative Art, miners mining underground work industrial team headlamp
©1997 by Kal Opre
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