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Tempo.Memoria: Daring to Dream Again.

MEDIA The media of the MIIT are the international magazine "Italia Arte", dedicated to art, culture and international excellences of "Made in Italy", published in Italian and English version to reach the main foreign interlocutors (depending on

Friday 8 July 2016
Saturday 20 August 2016

My idea back in 2005 or so was to put a black face on a Renaissance painting to illustrate that the white aesthetic originates (and is perpetuated) through art. That African Americans when not shown in positive visual images in paintings, photographs and movies, etc., will not exist in history except as how others choose to represent us.
The Renaissance inspired figure wears an African mask. What if African culture were as revered internationally as European culture and its imagery? Would people of the African Diaspora be better accepted and considered universally beautiful? Would the standard for physical beauty be dark skin and eyes, curly hair and a broad nose? Group invitational in Turin, Italy features 25 artists. All works are 24"x24". The one below is "Revealed: Truths and Myths" #7.




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