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Learn the rules like a professional so you can break them like an artist (Pablo Picasso).

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I graduated from the Art and Industrial School named after V. M. Vasnetsov and the Moscow State Institute of Culture. I got acquainted with the art of mosaic in 2008, which fascinated me and became a favorite activity. I have been working in this technique for more than 10 years. The most favorite I find for myself is the creation of micromosaics.

Why mosaic? I really like the material: glass, smalt, stone. In addition to the color, it also has a texture and this gives another decorative technique that can be used in the work. I really like the creation process, and especially the result. Mosaic works are fascinating, they want to be considered, it is some special magic of influence on the viewer. At first, my work was formed with custom execution, now I am developing creatively and participate in Russian and international competitions and exhibitions, I am a laureate and winner.

Member of the Professional Union of Artists of Russia, the Union of Russian Artists, the Creative Union of DPI, the International Association of Designers VATICAM.  Included in the unified register of professional artists of the Russian Empire, the USSR, the "Russian abroad", the Russian Federation and the republics of the former Soviet Union (XVIII-XXI centuries),

Winner of the 1st degree of the Russian Art Prize.


Member of the expert Council / jury of the III International Festival - competition of children's, youth, youth and adult creativity "City of Masters", spring 2021 season, Kolomna, Podolsk.

Member of the expert council/jury of the international competition and festival of children's and youth creativity "Talented Planet", season-spring 2021, Moscow.

Member of the expert council / jury of the International festival of children's and youth creativity and pedagogical innovations "Cup of Russia for Artistic Creativity", season-winter 2021, St. Petersburg.


Frolov V.A.


2010-2016 Moscow State Institute of Culture Moscow, Russia
2003-2008 Art and Industrial School named after V. M. Vasnetsov Abramcevo, Russia
Irina Nesterova

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Solo Expositions

2020 - "Personal online exhibition" from the Union of Russian Artists Moscow, Russia

Collective Expositions

2021 "Best Works 2020" Moscow, Russia

2021 "RUSSIAN ART PRIZE" Moscow, Russia

2021 "Golden Hands of Russia" Moscow, Russia

2021 1st Art and Industrial Exhibition-Forum "Unique Russia" Moscow, Russia

2021 "TALENT OF RUSSIA" Moscow, Russia


2020 "ART-PORTRAIT" Moscow, Russia

2020 International project "To Spain with love" Barcelona, Spain

2020 "AZ-Art" Moscow, Russia

2020 "Parallels of visual perception" Moscow, Russia

2020 "International Exhibition and Competition of Animal Art" St. Petersburg, Russia

2020 "On the 180th anniversary of the birth of Claude Monet" Paris, France

2020 "Best Works 2019" Paris, France

2020 "2nd International Exhibition and Competition of the skill of copy artists" St. Petersburg, Russia

2020 "2nd International Competition of Watercolour Art" Viena, Austria

2019 "TALENT OF RUSSIA" Moscow, Russia